LEMFO LEMT does not work with BSNL (GSM) or Reliance JIO (4G VoLTE) in India

LEMFO LEMT does not work in India. SO far I tried with BSNL(GSM 900 band) and Reliance Jio (VoLTE) networks.

Wth BSNL it has showed Registered on the network after doing the select operator and select automatically after search. But MMI code like *123# or calling any number doesnt work. in lock screen it shows EMERGENCY.

With Jio, select operator and select automatically after search, it said “can’t connect to this network right now. Try again later” though I have explicitly selected prefferered network 4G(recommended).

Is that a IMEI number problem ? or fault with this specific device ? Please let me know if it works for you in India or if you know any solution.

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I tried with JIO, Airtel and Vodafone

It does not works with any network

As you mentioned it does not work on BSNL. It means it does not works on any of Indian network.

If you could make it work on any network, please let me know

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If you know what bands your telecom provider use maybe you can activate them in MTK Engineering mode. Android Settings -> About watch -> tap “Kernel verion” 3x quickly -> Telephony tab -> Band Mode -> Sim1 -> Shows what bands are active.

Think it is because ro.build.type is not set to “eng”. If you know how to change your boot.img you can set: ro.build.type=eng
and then enter the Engineering mode again. But that is my guess. Never tried.

Be very careful in this mode!!! You can brick your device.

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All you need to do is change the IMEI


I do not know how to do it.

Can we talk? I will call you if you send your number.

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This drive folder of mine will help you @Ravinder_Bhutani

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Thanks a lot, @MiniNuke and @hnarsha

Because of help from this community my phone is working with existing network


Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner @Ravinder_Bhutani


thanks mr.admin
@Ravinder_Bhutani ji
and most repectful mr@mininuke

by the god grace i am also able to solve my problem
its only possible because of u all beautyfull members of this great community

lots and lots ,tons and tons of
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praveen thakur

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This discourse page has a lot of info that can help make your watch even better
Called “LEMT reviews and FAQ”
Like how to root and cool apps and stuff at the bottom that I posted


thanks a lot a tons for your affection love and support mr@MiniNuke
i m following mr tiks since last 5 years i m his big fan
but at that time i m not having the watch to do the things practically
though i am a embedded software engineer and moder
so we will do things with this beond softwares only
we exploit it with the hardware as well as if possible.

your support and well wishess are must to achive all this
hope we will do great things for the good of our community and for us as well

thanks and regads mr Nick
praveen thakur

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My experience:

  1. Put 4g Sim card in my Lem T, calls working, data not working at all.
  2. Tried virtually all available Firmwares, bricked, debricked (opening, disconnecting and reconnecting the battery) the watch etc.
  3. Changed IMEI to 2 different numbers than the one I got, same result
  4. Tried 2 other sim cards, same result.
  5. Almost gave up: changed APN settings - no result. Tried another thing that fixed the data connection: set up a new APN (not changing default ones), set new one as default and viola.
    Read entire forum regarding this. Currently watch is working normally, using Nova launcher with TicWrist firmware, but missing some options… LineageOS would be nice if it existed.
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Hi, recently I bought lem t . I am also facing the network issues . Can u help me how to rectify me issue . Thank u

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  1. Turn on mobile data
  2. check APN settings of your mobile provider
  3. open mobile network settings (APN)
  4. add New APN, put in settings of your network provider (not WAP settings, just internet settings) - do not edit the automated APN settings that are already imported automatically upon connecting to your provider
  5. set newly-added APN as default.
  6. alternative is to change imei number - certain GSM providers have the agreement with the clients locked on certain IMEI numbers or track stolen phones this way (there is a program for that, however it can be illegal to do that in certain countries - not all, or provider does not support that) - but personally I do not see a legal issue if one uses an IMEI number of his own old broken GSM - there are also online IMEI calculators, but, as stated, can be illegal in some countries (I do not think it is illegal in EU however).
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Hello my Dear dear friends here & all in forum.
I am sunny123,a new member in this forum,giving my Heartiest Thanks to all of you for giving me a great opportunity to join this forum.Reason to seek this golden place was my latest coming of LEMFO LEMT 3-32 GB,2.86" screen smart android watch. I received this watch 10 days back,ordered from Aliexpress,it was bit delayed due to Covid pandemic lock downs but finally arrived to me safely.
As in previous threads,resp. members said that this is not working with Reliance Jio (VoLTE) 4G networks.The same situation is with me also.I contacted to Seller,he gave me proper support & link to come here for learning solution with widest opportunities to use this device with freedom.
I find here that our respected seniors have done enormous work in this field.As i am too new,with fewer knowledge to do the intended task,i am requesting to guide me for the procedure.Any specific file or tutorial with tools,softs & apps will be highly appreciable.Here you provided tons of materials to learn & do,but finding specific is hard enough for me right now.I am specially requesting Most Hon’ble Bro @MiniNuke ,@hnarsha,@Ravinder_Bhutani & @pravspraveenthakur to guide me to start my Jio sim( For changing I*EI)
Heartiest thanks & best regards.

So you are trying to change your IMEI?
If so there is an IMEI writer changer in this Google drive folder

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Yes @sunny123

This work like charm. @MiniNuke is great person who is supporting this community.

Thanks @MiniNuke for your support


Respected Big Bro MiniNuke, My heartiest regards.
I have gone through your shared materials,many comments & keen guidance at many threads.Those gave me confidence to set my LEMFO LEMT 3-32 for working with my sim card.As i am too new to understand those things in detail,but any how my watch started working with sim & now i am able to call & 4G data using with VOLTe.Actually i flashed some firmwares found here, & suddenly it happen to work.
I observed some changes in new reboot watch,which i am putting here to ask you some questions further…
Please forgive me for my bad english.Please consider me as your younger bro & kindly help.

  1. my previous imei was starting from 86…,now it became itself from 35…
    2.serial number original gone.
    3.Build number is…DM100_LEMT_V1.4_20190919
    in details it looks…
    4.My watch is not rooted.
    5.All functions are working.
    my questions are below mentioned respected big bro…
  2. My watch is not installing latest firmware,the process stops,SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2044_Win hangs… without any nag or notice.,after rebooting above firmware build remains same.So, how to update?
    2.How to get OTA UPDATES.it says your software is currently up to date,
    3.Can i save this new imei ,which is working flawlessly.
    4.New latest firmware link please,which can be flashed over above.
    5.I think that i have formated my watch by mistake with before installing above build.
    6.Is it necessary to remove sim card before flashing/upgrading firmware from watch,otherwise the process will fail…
    Please guide to keep it update to latest.
    Many many thanks in advance.
    My heartiest Best Regards.

My guess is that you forgot to turn the watch off before connecting it to the computer

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