LEM T Reviews and FAQs

Unfortunately, I don 't know what changes there are. It was sent to me by the salesman from whom I bought the watch.

I flashed it, there is no difference it is same Android 7.1.1 from DM100_LEMT_V1.4_20190919.

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I updated my root instructions above. Before there were things incorrect. If you follow them you will get a rooted phone with practically no chances of boot loops. And if you do no worries because mtk devices are very hard to brick.


the watch strap is removable? What size are the replacements?


I have seen the Mr Ticks video …but don’t think that they are replaceble.

I’ll be honest i havent watched video but i thought the title was a giveaway

they are just as replaceable as the bands of the apple watch, whether you can get hold of any other bands that will fit is another matter

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Does anyone know what the lastest security is on this and has there been any word of any firmware updates?

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I am eager to see something on android 9.

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I just ordered some from the AliExpress seller I bought mine from. I ordered a new back black case (because they can break) new straps and new strap screws and nuts because one of my nuts fell off. The case was free but they charged me for the straps $10

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Can you please share the link to it in aliexpress ?

I bought mine from SYSOTORYU official store on AliExpress. But you can buy it from LEMFO Official on AliExpress too. Just whoever you bought it from contact them. They will charge for shipping and stuff. Either those stores customer services is great!


How do you turn off the pin code from the lockscreen? I accidentally turned it on when installing adguard. There’s no options to disable it. Thanks.

I installed the app “hidden settings”. There I think you can configure the type of security

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Try this

Fyi, Kiss launcher works well with this device.

Anybody succeeded in installing xposed-installer ? I attempted and ended up with softbrick and subsequently had to go to TWRP and do adb sideload Xposed-Disabler-GadgetHacks.zip

I did it but not on the lem t, pretty sure it’s the same tho
Are you sure the softbrick is really a softbrick cuz it takes 10-15 mins to boot after flashing xposed

Does this have NFC? the manufacturer page says it supports Google pay yet others say it doesn’t.

I am after a super small phone that I can pair with a garmin fitness watch and think this could be a good option if I can take the straps off and if it has google pay. It means I could go out running without the need for a bulky phone.