LEMFO LEM16_EN_V1.5_20230613 How can I get this version?

LEM16_EN_V1.5_20230613 How can I get this version?
Can you help me

-Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

You have to scroll down a little bit. There is a link, you have to request access.

I requested access. But no access was granted
. I’m still waiting… I do not know what to do.

Please be patient. We all do this for free and in our speartime. @pablo11 is very buissy at the moment, he will give you access soon as possible.

@G1NT0N1C very very thanks. I am waiting.

Just to be completely clear about this…
Did your watch come with firmware v1.6 installed?

I have shared v1.6 with you @azygos
Just be aware that if you are on v1.6 you can’t downgrade as I said before.
If you are on v1.5 there is no need to flash v1.6.
Why are you flashing the watch?

@pablo11 I really thank you very much. You are very beautiful people. I thank you for your support.
LEM16_EN_V1.5_20230613 It came as this version. I don’t know if 1.6 will work for me if I install it instead. I had a problem with the watch. does not open. gives root error
If possible, can you send it in version 1.5?


If you have v1.5 - you don’t need to upgrade to v1.6 as I already explained.
If you do upgrade to v1.6, you will not need v1.5 because it will not work.

My advice - stay on v1.5

I have no idea what you mean by “root error”

How did you get this error?
Can you access the watch at all?
Can you post a screen shot?

We will wait for you to answer these things before taking any further steps.

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