Lemfo lem12 bluetooth

Hello. I want to buy a lemfo lem12 but I won’t be able to put a sim card in it. Is there a way to get bluetooth calling in it? I read a topic that says it’s not a feture but is there maby a app that makes it possible? And will I get a alert if someone is calling me with bluetooth?
Thank you

No Bluetooth calling on these watches. Sorry.

What about android 6 or 5

Some android 5 devices- yes. But lemfo lem 12 is android 7.1.

Yeah but are android 5 watches still good? Do they still work with the play store

I personally wouldn’t buy an Android 5 watch anymore. The playstore should still work, but many apps no longer work.

What about wear os. Does it have bluetooth calling?

Yes, but we don’t support those watches.

Ok thank you. And the lemfo lem12 does it at least show you that someone is calling? Like it just tells you you can answer. And could you call people from WhatsApp?

Yes, you can be informed about calls that are received on the mobile. And calling via WhatsApp also works if you have your own number for this.

If I install WhatsApp on the watch, will I be able to call someone in WhatsApp from the watch?

And is the lemfo lem12 a good watch? I need a cheap watch and this one looks good for the price. Do you recommend it?

Yes, if you have installed whatsapp, you can call with the watch. I don’t know the Lemfo LEM 12, but the LEM 12 pro is a good watch.

Isn’t it almost the same? And thank you

they might look the same, but they are quite different when it comes to the specs

And I will not be able to answer if someone calls me to my phone. right? Only see that he’s calling

That’s correct.

So I will only be able to see? And will I be able to decline?

I think I told you everything. Some of it several times. The rest is here in the forum. Look around.

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Ok thank you. But just one more thing… Does android 10 support bluetooth calling? I know this watch is 7.1 but what about 10 watches?