Lemfo LEM-T New Android 7.1 4G Square model for 2019

Wow this Lem T is a big watch… I own the Pro 4 and feel that is the max limit for size but the T seems like it is an entire bigger level again.
Can it be confirmed that the T has the antenna’s in the band ? Having internal to the watch has its benefits, being able to replace it and being able to fold the watch complete flat when putting it in a bag but the one disadvantage is, I feel, the GSM signal level is less.

Confirmed. The antennas are in the band.

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Yeah, external antennas give around 40% better performance than internal.
But in this case it is a shame because many will want to put it in the pocket.
@G1NT0N1C is correct - these antennas are in the strap so strap cannot be changed.

However, I have to say that the performance of the LEM T is impressive.

I have a TWRP recovery and patched boot image.

When I get enough time I will post a complete stock and a complete custom firmware :+1:


There is a report of new firmware [here](https://discourse.fullandroidwatch.com/t/lem-t-review-after-4-days/50030/12

I have not seen it… is firmware for all watches? Mine says it is currently up to date but it is 20190831

For my Lem 4 PRO I use Nova launcher and setup the layout as I want it. I do not like the stock launcher at all. I don’t use the fitness side of things and it always gets in the way when scrolling.

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If what you are saying is correct then I would prefer the better signal performance, especially with the 4G signal. I am starting to move away from GSM calls and doing skype so processor speed, 4G bands and signal strength are all benefits for me.

I have owned many watch phones and their bands are usually the first thing to break after about 18 months and of course cannot be replace.

The Lem 4 PRO has a bad that will last a life time.

SAME. I used nova prime and an app called 24 watch faces that used to be on the app store. This let u set your own watch face once u had an android watch

Same. Nova is great to optimize the efficiency, and certainly if you use the watch as your primary / only phone.

I must admit, Nintendo emulator is really great on the LEM T.
Resolution is fantastic!
Here is a very short video and my apologies for the quality… I used my phone to take the video :slight_smile:

You could definitely use this as your only device. Battery life is amazing.

VID_20191004_210600.mp4 (7.8 MB)



let’s say I want to (wireless?) broadcast my LemT screen on a full monitor, then, using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, use it as computer.
Is it possible?
How could you do that?

Just cast the screen to the TV and use a BT keyboard


I second this motion for full thread please!!

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Ideed. Many smartwatches put an antenna in the band. It makes for much better reception.


Thanks, that really helped! I also wonder about this new unit, if it has stereo as the LEM4 did?

Actually the antenna do not extend down the band and it is removable. Undo one of the restraining lugs and push the pin out. You’ll have to do this before long because it is an atrocious design and the little rubber restraining grummets are very flimsy, as is the back casing which develops splits around the band lugs in quick order.


You are right. @SmartWatch_Ticks made a video about it some years ago.

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