LEMFO LEM P 4gb + 64gb (Prime style watch) support thread

as expected I had to do a factory reset, I think it’s some watchfaces or applications that have bugs and cause them to crash some smartwatch features, there should be an apk that doesn’t let this happen, I’ll try some and if work again post here my friends.

So did the reset fix your problems ?

Yes, it did, but I’m testing an application definition to avoid that some functions don’t work, if it works tomorrow I’ll make a communication explaining it in detail.


So I’m having a few issues now after a few months of use. As it stands now, my Lift to Wake feature no longer works. I’ve tried turning it off, restarting the watch, turning it on, restarting the watch. It just doesn’t want to wake anymore, no matter how violently I lift my watch lol.

My second issue is that the watch will not stay connected unless I leave my watch on the Watch Droid Assistant app connection screen. If I try to either press the bottom button to turn off the screen, or go back to the home screen, it immediately disconnects. I can only let the screen sleep on the connection screen or else it disconnects. Short from factory resetting the watch, does anyone have any ideas of what might be causing my issues?

EDIT: The lift to watch works now. Maybe knowing I posted on here scared the watch lol. However my issue with the disconnecting persists.

First thing to do is a full factory reset for the lift to wake issue - it might help - from watch settings app.
You might need to read up about these watches.
There are fairly strict power saving settings in use which you can read about here - which will kill any app when screen goes black. This is what will be killing Watch Droid.

Ok I think I’ve got it figured out. Not sure why or how, but the optimization settings had turned back on for the Watch Droid App. I just turned it off and everything seems to be working again. I’ll cross my fingers that this stays for a while haha.


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Maybe you updated your watchdroid?
Updating an application will turn on optimization again.
This should always be checked and switched off again.


can some one give me solution for twrp or root this model.

Nope - sorry

that slapped me around when I first got my FAW. But eventually I figured it out.

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Mr Ticks commented that firmware v1.4 allowed airplane on option and set brightness after activating sport mode (bracelet mode) in lemfo lemp.
He also explained that after updating to higher versions of the firmware this option disappears.
There is a solution for this that is valid for the 4gb lemfo and also for the 1gb ram.
You need to install this app as step 1:


As the name suggests . This app creates a shortcut in the settings panel to enable or disable airplane mode.

Then you just have to create a link in the clockskin to panel settings. After this, when entering sport mode, airplane mode has been deactivated and cannot be reactivated.

But now just tap on the clockskin shortcut to enter the settings panel and activate airplane mode from there
This will allow you to receive phone calls or make them in sport mode (bracelet mode) and keep battery consumption low (like optimus 2).


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good info. Thanks

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Hi I am new to this web site and to my watch. I just was wondering if there is any new firmware available for the lemp 4g 64G smartwatch Android 9.1 and if or when it will be updated to Android 10. Also I am currently using GaoFit to link to my phone is there a better program to use? Thank you.

Hi . The answer is no and no and yes at the moment .

Use watchdroid on your phone and watch . Search the forum as we have a whole section on this . Its brilliant :+1:


Any new firmware that will work for your watch will show up in watch Settings, About Watch, Wireless Updates :+1:


It seems that watchdroid does not have a blood oxygen monitor or a sleep tracker. If I install Gao fit on top of watch droid will they conflict? Or is there another app that I could install that does sleep and blood oxygen? Thank you guys

Hi . Yes they will conflict . Only use one . Due to the limitations of the watches the blood oxygen - sleep tracking are very limited

Don’t trust your life to these numbers.
They show numbers with non-medically validated sensors and measurement methods.
The accuracy of their operation depends entirely on chance.
There is no optoelectronic medical device that measures any data on a person’s wrist.
Optoelectronic measurement systems depend on the stable mounting of the sensor.
It’s unfortunate to squeeze your wrist to make your watch’s sensor work somewhat. It’s not good for your watch or for you.
It’s no coincidence that professional fitness watches use a chest sensor.
They measure heart sound. They listen with a special microphone and not a “watching” metering.

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Yes, the medical information is purely software calculation.
Heart rate is reasonable because it reads the pulse but anything else is not worth worrying about.

Bottom line is:
There is no country in the world that would certify these or any BT bracelets or any other medically uncertified smart device for accurate health information.