Lemfo Lem 15 Assistant / GaoFit

Good morning, I have the Lemfo Lem 15 with the FAW International Firmware, I wanted to know if the Assistant app that came with the Smartwatch can be installed, in order to connect it to the GaoFit App on the Smartphone. Thank you.

Why don’t you try?

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Why not use watchdroid . The assistant app is terrible .

The features are amazing . I’m assuming you are not using a iphone ?


Good morning, thanks for replying. I just wanted to try GaoFit, but I can’t find a way to scan the Smartwatch assistant code, is there any way I can scan the u code. international faw firmware? Thanks for suggesting the WatchDroid, I have it installed and use it daily, but I wanted to try another alternative. Greetings.

I’m not using an iPhone :sweat_smile:. I use an Android Smartphone, and I also use WatchDroid daily, but I wanted to try GaoFit. Greeting

Really ? It was removed from the FAW as it was terrible ? Maybe @pablo11 can help and advise if it can be side loaded as a .apk but i doubt it


Thanks Andy, but there is no need to search for the APK. More knowing that it is so terrible, I stay with the WatchDroid. I was just curious, thanks.


No worries :+1:


It has been removed from the firmware for privacy reasons…