Lemfo Lem 11 problems

I recently bought a Lem 11and I would appreciate some help to iron out a couple of problems.
This is my 5th smartwatch and it is by-far the worst for battery life. Initially, a charge was only lasting about 5 hours with very little use. Now it lasts about 9 hours but is only being used for checking the time and email notifications. This is very unsatisfactory.
Another problem which I have encountered is finding good square faces which will install and work on the watch. Most of the apps have very few square faces for downloading and require a compannion app to be installed on the watch. I have not managed to install any companion app except the one for Wiiwatch 2, which has very few square faces, and watchdroid which has no faces at all.
I like the watch and would be grateful for any help to sort out these problems

Hi Noel . Can i ask is this your first full android watch ? I appreciate you have had five smartwatches but these are very different . I Have this watch also and the battery is great . Let me know before we start. Thanks

Ps - here a clockskin to start you off . You need to install the google assistant from playstore for the touch icon to work


Thanks for getting back to me. The other watches I had were Kospet Hope, Allcall 4g, D9 and i4 3g. I hope this helps.

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Fair enough so you should be experienced . 5 hours is no good though . I’ll assume the following

You are on the latest firmware . If updated via OTA then performed a full factory reset .

Google sync off

Pedometer off

Apps installed not running permantly in the background

Wifi and Gps only turned on when required .

I use watchdroid only all my watches instead of wiiwatch


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I am a bit confused by your comment: Most of the apps have very few square faces for downloading and require a companion app to be installed on the watch. I have not managed to install any companion app except the one for Wiiwatch 2, which has very few square faces, and watchdroid which has no faces at all.
It sounds like you are possibly not familiar with downloading and installing watch faces into the clockskin folder on the watch, the same as any Full Android watch. The "companion app, WWii is not the only way to install new faces. If you need a refresher search on this site for installing watch faces and watch videos available on the subject.
While the Lem 11 screen is smaller than the Lem 10, I have both, I have found some of the rectangular faces for the Lem 10 work ok.
The watch faces I am speaking of are available on this forum from the home page.


May be a silly Question ,but is it possible for a watch to have a bigger capacity battery than its original question.
Coz I’ve seen videos of iphone8 having a battery replacement of iphoneXR.

Yes, I guess it could be possible. You’ll have to search for batteries at aliexpress and evaluate yourself whether the battery will fit inside the watch, if it has the right connector and so on. I would not advise you to try it though


Hi Jonathan.
Thanks for your advice. I Will try to download faces directly via usb. I have had a look at the usb options in settings and they seem to allow only files from the watch to pc, but I will try downloading to the watch later.
Thanks for the advice.

Thank you for the advice. I have not been switching off Wifi when I leave the house but I will do so in future. I have Watchdroid installed, but have been using Wiiwatch2 because it has watch faces on the phone app and they are very easy to install from there. Unfortunately, they are mainly round faces. I will try using only Watchdroid and see if I can download faces directly via usb to the clockskin folder.
Many Thanks

Hi . Make sure you only have one installed " wiwatch or watchdroid " . Not both


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Hi Andy
I have followed your advice and switched off various functions resulting in improved battery life, but I can’t see how to switch off the pedometer.
While the improved battery life is very welcome, it is not really a smartwatch with Bluetooth,WiFi,and GPS switched off.
Thanks for all the advice.

hi . Settings - gesture .This will help a lot. Thanks

You will see that as these watches get better they have bigger better batteries . For example the lemfo lem12 - kospet prime . I use them and leave everything on all day with great battery results .

Its not that you have to have them switched off. You only turn them on when needed. Example I have BT turned on all day so I get text messages from my phone. I also have the Pedometer on. Depending on other use I normally get 24 to 48 hours use out of most of my watches before charging. Example if I am at home all day with a run to the grocery in the afternoon why would I need to have GPS on all the time? Or Wi-fi.


Hello, I have the lemfo lem 11 too and my experience has not been as bittersweet as yours, the first thing to keep in mind with a complete Android smartwatch is that you cannot leave all the connections open or on because the battery in 2 to three hours, a smartwatch is a device that can get you out of a hurry when you do not have your smartphone at hand, in one of those cases it would activate the wifi, the data, or the GPS, it is what consumes the most battery, I use the GPS only to do sports between 45 minutes to an hour and it uses almost 1% of battery for every minute
of use, then they are things that I only use only when necessary, I get good autonomy only with Bluetooth activated through watchdroid only to receive notifications.
As for the faces, watch droid is not an application to exchange watch face, it is only to manage notifications and has very useful tools for our watch, but to manage watchface, the application to use is universal launcher, which is a launcher that allows you to use android faces Stock like android wear, where you can install many square and interactive faces for your watch, since with android stock the square faces are very few. The faces that can be installed with this application are those of the .watch extension, which are those created from the watchmaker application.

I had the same problem with my Lemfo 4pro. Battery lasted only a couple of hours not using it for anything else besides time checking. Something that helped was to reset the watch to factory standards. Now the battery lasts about 15 hours which is still not a good battery performance but much better than what it used to be. These Lemfo watches are very good with the exception of the battery. Hope they correct this in future new models.

I have the Lem10 and the battery works really well with good management . Yes , a full factory reset fixed most issues

There is ione issue I haven’t been able to solve: That is the touchscreen is sometimes completely unresponsive. Any suggestions?

Again a reset could fix this . I dont have this on my Lem11 but do on my Lem10 . My Lem 10 has two dead spots . Unfortunately its a hardware issue

Buddy do you have an App best for double tap for screen off and screen on for Lem10,without the overlay,because the overlay is eating up battery in the background.

I dont really understand your question . However see if these two apps help you