Lem 15 lcd display going crazy like it has a mind of its own

Has anyone had any issues with the Lem 15 where the touch display acts extremely erratic and starts to going crazy like it has a mind of its own?

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You might try a factory reset. Sometimes this solves the problem.
How old is your watch?


That was the first thing I tried. Then, when that didn’t work I thought that it might be the firmware build, which was Z36_LEM15_V1.2… so I found the latest stock firmware v 1.3 and flashed it. I factory reset after flashing as well. Still having the same issues. It’s intermittent and seems like it only does it when I have it plugged in to charge and a couple minutes when I unplug it.

it can be a problem of electric isolation, sometimes the skin contact is needed to have the touch screen fully working.


Good point especially like on the Prime 2 :+1:

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But would the electric isolation casue the display to jump to different pages and apps, select and change different settings?

Yes. But you might also open the watch and check the screen connection.
If there is no chance to send it back to the seller.
And only if you know what you are doing.

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Have you fixed it? My lem15 is flickering like “the matrix” logo but the touch works fine

It’s faulty touch panel firmware which cannot be fixed by flashing watch firmware.
It is applied at the factory during production.

You need to return your watches if you have this issue.
There is no way to fix it.

@Kelvin_Soares Yours is faulty screen.
You need to return it.

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Hello, I have problems with the screen on the Lem15 too often… Because of what it is not clear, but the screen starts to flicker, increase (triple tap function), nothing can be done… As a result, I wait for the battery to discharge, but then I cant turn it on, since the power buttons and back simply do not work… I disassemble, remove the back cover, wipe it with alcohol, then the power button starts working. But again, not for long, a couple of days and thats it, again the buttons do not react…

As above you will need to return this watch . Sorry

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Yes, I would make a return, but how? I bought in August 2021 on Ali Express… To whom is the return, where I bought or to the plant, 9 months have passed? Yes, another problem, Im from Russia, you know, now not everything is so simple… I wanted to install the new FAW firmware, but I cant download it, I havent reached the desired level.

August 2021? No chance for return, sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

Okay, the screen, goes crazy, but not so often… But I dont understand what with the buttons… They stop working, with alcohol, contacts on the wipe. It seems to work, but not for a long time… I dont understand, maybe because of the firmware? Cant contacts oxidize like that?

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Flashing the firmware won’t help in this case. Sorry.

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Correct . Warranty 6 months

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It will still be necessary to firmware, stock 1.3 downloaded, as I can download FAW, immediately update… Without buttons, you can also use it through applications…

If you research this, flashing with no button is not very difficult to do.
If it is a Lemfo LEM 15 you should go to the official Aliexpress store for Lemfo and hope that they will help you.

But be prepared for the fact that they may not help you since you have had it since August.

The issue with the screen is the touch panel and cannot be fixed…
Good luck :+1:

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Thanks for the hint… I already realized that I missed time, I had to return earlier… Now I will have to adapt to the problems that have arisen and somehow bypass them…

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