Latest Thor pro and Thor 4 pro update

please if someone has the latest update firmware it would be great
please share thanks 

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Mar 12, 2019 14:05:23 GMT 2 leafar said:
please if someone has the latest update firmware it would be great please share thanks 

maybe we can get it not sure.


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I will be updating the firmware very soon now that the community migration is almost completed.
leafar is aware of the situation.

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What’s gone wrong with the update?


to all the people who search firmware zeblaze thor 4 pro
I just had the link following a request from the zeblaze sav
this firmware is dated January 4, 2019 and corrects the problem of weak display

I enclose the link that will only be available for 2 days

sorry i’m not used to sorry


Hi, the latest rom for the Zeblaze Thor 4 pro is dated from 12–2019 but i just couldn’t find it anywhere…
Maybe somebody could upload or has found this rom?

I’ve only got this one:

Thank you for the upload, but i got a touch screen which is not responding to any touch and the rom before this problem was a 12-2019 rom. Did you do a update so you are one the latest rom and what is the date of this rom…?

PS: there is a difference between a normal rom version and a BL rom version depending on the hardware…

I don’t have a thor 4 pro myself, I just thought of storing this firmware when another member shared a link to it and I’d already noticed that those links expires quite fast. The only thing I know about the date is what it says in the name of the zipfile.
If you need the BL version, it’s one available in this thread: Zeblaze thor 4 pro stock firmware
If you wish you can also send an email to zeblaze and ask for the firmware and they will probably give you a link

Did actually got in contact with the manufacturer but they gave exactly the same rom as probably could be found on the whole internet… So what im looking for is maybe a rom dump created by sombody like i did myself but my rom dump got some data errors… :sleepy: How disappointing could that be…

wouldn’t it be better to hopefully get the watch working with an older version instead of waiting for someone to make a dump of the version you had before and not being able to use the watch in the meantime

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Yes you are right, exactly like i did explain before, it doesn’t matter which version of the rom you are on as long as the watch works correctly you could do a upgrade within the system menu… But my problem is that no rom makes the touch screen work again to preform the update within the system. Therefore im trying to find the rom which was working on this watch correctly.

The corrupted rom dump of this watch could have saved me therefore i took the rom dump.

Maybe there is a rom from another watch brand and model which got used by the Zeblaze manufacturer on my watch, because for a example the Kospet prime rom is the same as the Lemfo Lem12 rom…

ok, then I understand