Kw99 pro / all call w1 firmware flash file

hi can anybody please send me a flash file or firmware update for kw99 pro or all caall w1?

and its 16 +1

mine keeps restarting and its brand new can you please help me

Have you tried a full factory reset . You will be surprised how much this fixes

It sounds like a bootloop. A factory reset will not be possible, if I’m right. :slightly_frowning_face:
@X_Xa did your watch ever worked?

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how can I enter the boot settings if I want to do hard rest

it works for a minute then it restarts

i did it like 5 times and it still has the same issue

I guess it is a hardware problem. You should contact the seller to get another watch.

how about flashing the watch?
or its water damaged?

Why do you think so? Did you wear it while swimming?

NO, because I heard a lot of people saying that this problem is because it has moisture inside the watch but I don’t think mine has this issue even though I let it drain for 2 days with 0 battery life but still I have the same problem

Once again- is it a new problem? Or do you have this problem right from the start?

I had this watch for less than a month and yes its a new problem
It’s a boot loop but how can I fix it?

I guess you can’t. But you might try to flash the firmware.

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I am a noob at this + new to smartwatches can you please tell me how to flash it?

Here is the firmware @pablo11 posted above:-MEGA

Here you find a tutorial how to do it:
-Flashing Tutorial.pdf - Google Drive

And here are the needed tools:
-Flashing - Google Drive


for the preloader should i check it or uncheck it? in the sp flash tool

But- once again- I think it’s a hardware issue.