KW88 - USB Device Not Recognised in Win 10

Hi Team
Desperate for help.
Watch working fine up to a few weeks ago. No issues about connecting to phone, charging or navigation.
The only thing that has happened is the device is no longer recognised by windows 10 on multiple machines and with 2 different cables! (An Unknown Device - Device Descriptor Request Failed in device manager)
I have reinstalled drivers for MTP, USB hubs, USB drivers and followed the forum guide but still no go.
I use it mainly for the watch faces (as a regular watch replacement) and have no other extra apps installed and did not root. I have factory re-set 3-4 times already and still nothing.
Now I cannot access the watch through windows so am a little stuck.
Has anyone else had the same issue? Any thoughts or solutions? Any way I can get it to work around windows issue?
Any help will be great.

I have a similar problem, I connect the watch to my laptop through the USB port and the watch is found by Win 10 but it says no files found. I know there are files on the watch because I can see them with the watch. Anyone have any ideas?

@Dick_Storer Connect with PC, go to - settings - connect - and choose transfer data.

Transfer data is not an option for me.