KW88 Bluetooth calling

I have been dragged here due to the issues I have on my KW88 smartwatch with Bluetooth calling.
I have seen you guys on Youtube had a way to rectify this issue but that was back in 2017. Recently I purchased KW88 and have been unable to download from any of the provided links on Youtube. I still have not been able to work out how to make Bluetooth calls.
My KW88 is a KWPRO_V1_5._NHH_B_20190114 model so not sure what requires done!!

You can verify the Operating System on your watch but the Specs of the KW88 Pro I reviewed says it is running Android 7.0. NO Smartwatches running Android 7.0↑ can have BT calling. Period end of story. You will find numerous posts on this forum that confirm that point. Have a good day, mate.

Thanks Jonathan, what a shame. I wish I new that before purchasing.
So how come previous models would support that but not Android 7!?

Because before Android 7.0↑ became the standard watches used Android 5.1 & 6.0 OS. They were configured different. Google changed the rules for watches running 7.0↑ and developers have not been able to work around it. My opinion it was overrated anyway and did not work real well because it was not integrated into the watch but was an app. I used the KW08, KW18 watches were it worked with the phone system in the watch and worked very well, so I was spoiled.

Is there ANYWAYS to go around it you reckon!? I literally purchased this watch for the sake of seeing who calls while I drive and now its useless// ):

There is no way to “go around it” but Watch Droid(WD) version 9.0↓ will allow you to see incoming calls from your phone with limited responses from the watch. It also receives text and lets you respond to them from the watch. It does require a BT connection to your phone so it won’t work independent of your phone. BT calling didn’t either, it required a BT connection. There is a category on this forum for WD. Suggest you review it for more info. I have posted pictures there that show the different screens when receiving a call with WD.

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Thanks heaps Jonathan and Dr Andy. Problem seems to be solved. However since its 1AM here in Australia I really cant look into the functions in deep as I may wake the family up.
I just had to pay $3.5 to upgrade to premium so that I could use the full functions such as receiving messages and calls.
Thanks once again to you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Martin3
I am also in Australia… NSW.

I can confirm that the pro version of the kw88 cannot make or receive BT calls but the WatchDroid solution should work for you.

Even the stock WiiWatch2 BT tether app will notify you of incoming calls and should show who is calling if you have synced your contacts.

WatchDroid is better though.
Let us know if you have any problems :+1:

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Hi Pablo,

Really, whereabouts!? I live in Sydney.

I just purchased the WatchDroid app however the problem does not seem to be sorted. first of all the app has been upgraded and the new version does not have the call button. It was a bit fishy though, as on the trial version they have the old version but once you purchased the app then it gets upgraded which then you have limited options.

Furthermore, on the new version once you get calls the watch only shows as call and does not mention the person’s name who is calling.

WiiWatch2 BT tether app, that does not show the names of the incoming calls even though I synced my contacts.

Hope you can help me out here mate.

Thanks in advance…

You need another phone app on your mobile. You’ll find it in the watchdroid post.

With WDroid you have to install the app from the links Dr. Andy provided. DO not then allow the app to upgrade from the Play Store or it will always load the newest version. You have to keep the 9.0 version on both devices. If you turn off Auto Update it will not update automatically and remain on version 9.0.

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I am using the latest Version since a few weeks now. In combination with a modified phone app for the cell phone, the caller is also displayed here. You can find the link to this app in the watchdroid post…

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G1NT0N1C, sorry I am very new in this forum and not sire how to locate the watchdriod post. Can you please send me the relevant link or guide how to modify the phone app for the cell phone so that I could get the latest version with the option of having the caller feature!?
Thanks in advance

How to ruen off auto update though!? From the app store or phone settings!?

Here is the thread Watch Droid Phone / Assistant

You can go into play store settings and set update to notify only. Not auto update.

I live in the blue mountains.
WiiWatch doesn’t show who’s calling any more?
That’s a shame but not too surprising.
It’s getting a major overhaul soon

I don’t like the stock dialler either because I get frustrated trying to add a new contact from a phone call…

I try several types until I get one that works properly.


I use Google dialler.

Now I am confused. Whats google dialer!?
I tried to download one of the dialers app but it changed my phone call settings!?