KW88 apk tester required...

Not having a KW88 myself (!) I’m looking for help to test the apk watchskins that I’m making…

I’ve tested the “hna” and the link below is for the “hnb”… by changing various bits of xml code I’m looking to see what difference it makes to the look and functions of the watch…

In this respect I’d like anybody who downloads the apk to please post a picture of the skin on their KW88…

Thanks in advance

Download hnb:


In the “hnb” I remade the png for the hands and corrected the order to h/m/s…and… changed the date font colour from white to red (that worked)…

I also changed the postion of the date from “0” to “1”

Here is version “hnc


  • font size from 16 to 22
  • font colour from red to black
  • bools: clock_has_month_dial true
  • bools: clock_has_date_dial true
  • bools: clock_has_week_dial true

Please send a photo on a KW88… thank you

apk download “hnc”:


Thank you…

What happened to the date… font too big… colour code wrong?

I thought that the colour hex code for black was 000 000 or 0000 0000
Perhaps black is ff00 0000?

And nothing seemed to happen with:

  • bools: clock_has_month_dial true
  • bools: clock_has_week_dial true

Perhaps they should be given values in an xml.

Time for “hnd”…

I found this:-

The colors are in hexidecimal code (base 16, 00-ff)

They are in the format:

alpha, blue, green, red ( a reversal of normal red,green, blue)
where alpha is the tranparency setting 00 for clear, ff for solid

For example:

ff0000ff is solid red
330000ff is a transpanent (see thru) red
ff00ff00 is solid green
ffff0000 is solid blue
ff00ffff is solid yellow (mixing of red and green)
ffff00ff is solid purple (mixing of red & blue)
77008cff is semi-transparent orange

And this:



Okay… so here is version “hnd
and the picture above is what I’m expecting…

Changes from version hnc are in red

  • font size from 16 to 22
  • font colour from transparent to black
     by using #ff000000
  • bools: clock_has_month_dial true
  • bools: clock_has_date_dial true
  • bools: clock_has_week_dial true

If you download please post a picture…

apk “hnd” download:

Thank you for the picture… good-ish news, I guess… the date is bigger and not red

I just need to get the positioning right… then maybe I can make a template of sorts…

I think we should make a present for you Andrew - KW88 ? :slight_smile: best regards and thanks for your efforts!

Sept 12, 2016 19:58:51 GMT 1 zimer said:
I think we should make a present for you Andrew - KW88 ? :-) best regards and thanks for your efforts!

I love my D5...

I must admit that I have got two wrists but I only really need one watch

An extract from "KW88 Watchface in APK" by Smash Smashin...!/files/C1meOYwCdCrmhxGnmoA4

Text position (int)





Position value specifies text, dial or hand for month, date and week values

There are 13 [0-12] predefined positions. Any other value will result in 0,0

13 predefined Watchface positions

0.x = (width * 3) / 4; y = height / 2;
1.x = width / 2; y = (height * 3) / 4;
2.x = width / 4; y = height / 2;
3.x = width / 2; y = height / 4;
4.x = (width * 3) / 4; y = (height * 3) / 4;
5.x = (width * 3) / 4; y = height / 4;
6.x = width / 4; y = (height * 3) / 4;
7.x = width / 4; y = height / 4;
8.x = width / 2; y = height / 2;
9.x = (width * 4) / 5; y = height / 2;
10.x = width / 2; y = (height * 4) / 5;
11.x = width / 5; y = height / 2;
12.x = width / 2; y = height / 5;

hne”… please test and send close up photos… thank you

hne apk download:

Thank you very much… now I have to work out what it means

“hne” apk KW88 test results





Dial face is 400 pixel diameter
Concentric circles start at 385pxl dia. (red)
Finish at 315pxl dia. (black)
Blue vertical lines start at 170pxl
10pxl increments
Finish at 230pxl

What do those numbers indicate?

NEW test for “hnf”

Font: same colour and size
Position: moved fro 1 to 10

apk “hnf” download:

Have you a favourite watchface that you’d like on your KW88?