KW 88 display does't work -

Hi ,Today, after connecting to charging, I can not start the watch. The screen does not turn on, a factory reset can help?
Or the display is broken !The watch turns on vibrates but the screen does not work. Please help…!

What did you do before this issue ? Did you load a clockskin

Absolutely nothing, it had 4% battery and turned off. I connected it to charging and it didn’t turn on anymore, only such a screen appears and I feel it is hot. I didn’t load new faces. I’ve had it for 6 months. In the previous watch, after 1 year of use, the same thing happened.

Thanks for the image . Have you tried flashing the firnware ?

Thx for your reply, not yet. I have hop that this operation will help me.

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Hi, In this Flashing Tutorial ,zip is a missing Firmware Kospet Optimu,
Can you check this file. Thank you.

It is a tutorial how to flash only . Firmware not included . The top of the tutorial says kospet but ignore this .

From i can dowland firmware for my KW88, Can you help me .Thanks a lot.

My KW 88 is a standard 512MB android 5.1 MTK 6580 .

I didnt realise you had the old old model ? . You may or may not find the firmware on this forum . I would start looking through our firmware section . As you will see there are various types of KW88 so make sure you use the correct firmware .

I was find same one file but if i want loading appears this error

Watch our youtube videos on main page . Thanks

Sorry, but
which video because i can’t find it?

The link to the channel is all over the forum.
The video you need to watch is install drivers and then how to flash…

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1 - Ensure the watch is completly off
2 - Connect your USB cable/dock to the PC
3 - Open Flash tools and load the scatter file
4 - Select the option “Download Only” and click the Download button
5 - Connect the watch to the PC

That should be it… Flashing should start in a few secs
After finnished, confirmed by the green popup message of Flash tools, disconnect the watch from the PC and press the power button until it vibrates or shows a logo or the brand

Follow these steps with ease, no stress. Take your time to confirm the step you are in before moving to the next one… and breath :slight_smile:


Sorry man, but your videos let anyone nervous enough to give up…
All those warnings scare people…
Bricking a mediatek chip must be the hardest thinks to do…

They are old and need updating.
You’re right. It’s one of the most simple things to do, flashing the watch. To you and me.
But on the other side of that we have to spend hours on fixing bad flashes…
Anyway no worries.

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Rui, thank you for the instructions, but I have this information. I asked how to fix the error when loading the software. And believe me, I’m breathing calmly :sunglasses:

According to this Hovatek Forums page
Open the checksum file using notepad++, search for 0x3d8 and replace with 0x4d7

Hi, I did flashing and everything was ok, but I had to change - [CHECKSUM_SWITCH=0] in KW88_CS1_B_GSM_PHT_20171111. Firmaware has loaded. but unfortunately the display has broken down. (Second KW88 in the last six mont …)

Thank you for your help.

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