Kronos Genesis Issues

I asked Jason himself about this and he pointed me in this direction to seek help.

I’ve had my Genesis for a few days now and while I do absolutely love what it has the potential to be, I’m having some issues which are making it borderline unusable for me. I’ve reset and checked for updates, but the issues are still present.

  1. Reception . When used as a standalone device with a SIM inserted the reception is so weak I get no reception at all indoors and barely get enough reception to send an SMS outdoors in the wide open. As per the specs it should be compatible with Band 20 and every other device I’ve ever used gets full, clear reception here.
  2. Fitness Tracking . The passive Step and Distance tracking / recording seems to work perfectly well and seems quite accurate, but when I actually use one of the fitness tracking modes such as Outdoor Walk or Outdoor Run, it’s hit or miss whether it works accurately or not. Sometimes it worked fine, other times I’ve taken 20 paces and it’s recording that I’ve travelled 14km already at a pace of 200kph (for example).
  3. Bluetooth . Multiple times now I’ve paired the watch with the included earbuds to go for a walk and listen to music, but almost every time the audio breaks up horribly just standing / walking normally with bare arms, no sleeves and nothing blocking or interfering with the watch and buds. Only when I bring the watch up to my face maybe 12 inches from the earbuds would the audio play smoothly, suggesting an incredibly weak Bluetooth antenna or signal. Rather than a Bluetooth 4.0 range of around 200ft this is barely managing 2ft. The first two are frustrating, but I could live with them as I wouldn’t use them too regularly, though obviously the reception issue could become important if I ever chose to leave my phone behind and rely on the watch for communication during a trip. The issues I’m having with the Bluetooth are ruining it for me though as my main desire / use for the device is to pair it with the included earbuds and have a great, large capacity music player with me all the time without needing my phone. The same occurs whether it’s tethered to the phone or not or whether I have the phone with me or not.

The network and Bluetooth antennas in my Genesis seem to be incredibly weak or perhaps faulty (?) making the device essentially unusable for me, so I’m wondering if there are any similar issues being reported, or if there are any software updates which may remedy these issues? If not I need to figure out the companies stance on return and refund, if that’s even possible.
(The earbuds are fine. I tested them with other devices)


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