Kospet Prime Se Transferring Files

Hello all.,
I am a relative new user and I have a Kospet Prime SE (7.1.1) and would like to transfer some files from my iMac desktop to the watch.
When I connect the watch to the computer via USB I get a pop message on the computer from the Android File Transfer software saying … “Can’t access device storage - please ensure device is unlocked and File Transfer or MTP mode is selected.”

Can anyone explain what steps are necessary so I am able to turn on the required function to transfer files?
Many Thanks!

I transfer files with the wiiwatch app, but from the phone to the watch, it is a little bit slow, because it is carried by bluetooth, you might transfer the files first to your tethered phone and secondly, to your watch

Thanks @Winol for your reply,
I will try it that way but it seems a little like doubling up. If it works that’s ok, but I would rather know the correct and normal procedure to transfer files.
It’s only mp3’s etc that I want to transfer from the computer (and maybe install an app or 2).

Thanks for your quick reply and welcome to the fourm!. Cheers.

Go on your watch settings, then connection, usb, and activate the file transfer.

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Hi @Eric_Crochemore Eric, thanks for your reply.
I followed your directive but my USb option is greyed out?

Bluetooth is there, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot Airplane Mode, GPS 7 Celleular are all there but USB greyed out.

if it’s greyed, it means that the USB data connection is not available. Try to reconnect to your PC, or maybe the usb cable doesn’t support data but only charge, try another cable.

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Thx @Eric_Crochemore … now I am getting a message

I am using the Kospet Charging dock direct to the computer.

Try cleaning the watch and dock contacts with alcohol or wd40

I’m not sure you can do it with the charging dock, have you tried the simple USB cable ?

Don’t believe I can @Eric_Crochemore … I am a little new at this but my understanding is that the only way to transfer files direct to this model watch watch is via it’s own usb charging dock which connects to a computer.

Thaks @gyuri for your reply. I will try that and see what happens. This should be simpler than it is but we will see how it goes. cheers!

Is this maybe a Mac thing?,
I am using an iMac computer.

I have not been able to get it to work, if anyone can offer any further advice it would be great, in the meantime I am forced to use blue-tooth transferring as my best option.

Try connecting to a Windows PC

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Use the cable direct, not using the charger dock. As @Eric_Crochemore has already said.

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Thanks for advice @pablo11 and all,
can someone please tell me where or how a usb cable connects from my iMac usb port direct to to the Prime_Se? (without the charging dock).

I cant see a connection port (on the watch) which would facilitate this.
Thanks again.

The watch type KOSPET PRIME SE has no direct cable connection. only through the dock!


I thought this was the case but I am new to the device and the forum so just respecting. Thanks @gyuri

Ah yes ok…
So many devices… I get confused sometimes.

Then I suspect one of the pogo pins is not making contact properly.
So either fix or replace or Bluetooth are the only options…

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All good @pablo11 , will stay with bluetooth transferring while continuing to search for a better fix.