Kospet Prime SE root

Hi. Does anybody was successfull with rooting Kospet Prime SE? I can not find TWRP and unlocked bootloader. Thank you.

Hi, actually i managed to get the magisked_boot.img… and flashed it with SPflashtool also… but magisk 20.4 still show not installed…
Do you want the boot.img of 1.5b for Kospet PrimeSE? Maybe you have better luck

yes please!

can you post to me the kospet prime se boot.img for android 7.1.1 ?

As soon as you patch the boot image you will have issues with the oled screen and typing accuracy.
Know issue with all the original Prime models with amoled screens…

hey bro can you help me out with something? i installed twrp on my kospet prime se and now it wont boot to the OS its just restart back to twrp…Any suggestions on what i could do from here?

Flashing the firmware will help. Use the firmware upgrade function in the flashtool.

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How? Im stuck in twrp recovery and sp flash tool keeps giving me error…

" error: status_sec_dl_forbidden (0xc002004) "

FYI, this is the reason why we don’t try to talk about root here.
It doesn’t matter how much we explain the process, people always end up in trouble and hope it can be fixed

This is why i come here for help…Can you elaborate?.. Im just here for help bro… Not to be talk to like à child or as if im doing something wrong thats what this site is for correct and you are indeed like a leader correct? @pablo11

I have a kospet Prime SE

With oled screen?
2gb+16gb configuration?

Im running the Kospet_Prime_v2.3_B_20200706 firmware that i downloaded from this forum
My watch is a Kospet Prime SE

Ok, well - if you flash the same firmware using the upgrade option in the flash tool you will get the watch back.

  1. You need to load the firmware in the flash tool.
  2. You need to connect USB cable to the watch and your PC.
  3. You need to press the “flash” icon in the flash tool software and long press the power button on your watch, while it is connected to your computer. This will force a reboot.
  4. In the boot cycle, the flash tool will recognise the bootloader during the reboot and flash will start.

That’s it.
Should be fine after this.

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Thanks bro :handshake: i appreciate your help :+1:… 1 more thing… were do i get the Kospet Prime SE firmware or should i flash the same… If so… The previous firmware is not a zip its 7z file

All that means is that you need to use 7zip to extract it.

what is a pac file bro ??

@Blvck_Sensei you don’t need to worry about this.
It’s the different file format for flashing Unisoc devices.
Yours is MTK so you just use the standard MTK sp flash tool and FW images.

This is the last Prime SE factory firmware that I have. KOSPET_PRIME_SE_v1.6_B_20200922_20200922_112156.zip - Google Drive

I believe that the version you tried to use is not for the SE…
Anyway, once you have flashed this version, if there are any updates you can check using the OTA app.

thanks bro you really have helped me out and i appreciate that man i really do

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