Kospet Prime SE - nvram.bin, nvdata.img needed!

Hello Guys!

Recently I corrupted my Kospet Prime SE nvram.bin during flashing a new firmware with SP Flash Tool. After that my device can’t connect to moble network and I can’t make calls anymore.
Can somebody send me nvram.bin and nvdata.img from a WORKING Kospet Prime SE?
With these files I would repair my Kospet Prime SE.

I really need it, because I purchased this device to make a call and use it as a smartphone indepedently. Please help!

Thanks in advance!

Nobody want to give anyone their nvram.bin and nvdata.img since it contains their watch imei.
and so as the solution:

Use this one here.

You will find the imei number on the watch box

Careful with the link Maszter93 gave (no offense Maszter93 - I just assume you might not have been aware it is probably an infected program) as the latest one in there checks as having a Trojan on virustotal.com. I always check tools like this as a lot of them are infected. If you want to use something like that you can get and run ShadowDefender on your Windows machine and while you are in shadow mode no permanent changes can be made by any infected programs. Also good to block all Internet activity when using anything suspicious. Some of these programs don’t even work for their apparent purpose. They are just covers for spreading trojans and viruses.

Also I think if you can manage to flash a full Prime SE firmware package you will have the nvram.bin and nvdata.img files and will then just need to use a tool to write back your IMEI from the bottom of your box.

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MOD Edit:
Sorry - we cannot allow IMEI changing software to be linked publicly.
As my name is down as owner of the site I would be likely prosecuted as bots are crawling this site 24/7

Just use web search to find what you need but we cannot host it here


I already used the newest one from that link, and it’s free of any trojan (at least from windows security).
and one more thing, many of these virus check have false positive.
Since I already test it, and that’s why I recommend that link.

EDIT: And no, flashing full fimware will not fix protected partition like nvram, even if you write it using engineering mode or any other method. it will lost when factory reset or flashing any firmware. so it’s not permanent. my solution is permanent one since it write into protected bin nvram region.

Also a little advice, usually the program have trojan, worm, or viruses are from the site with many intrusive ads.
I don’t add any explanation in earlier post because changing imei is illegal

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As I have already stated - the checksum exe can cause false positives in scans - just delete it.
I should have but I forgot - please let’s not go on about it.

@pablo11, Sorry I don’t want to go on about this but there seems to be some confusion in this thread - either that or I’ve lost my mind somewhere and haven’t found it yet :wink: I am not talking about a virus or trojan detection in Kospet firmware or a ROM. I was referring to the Serial number (or IMEI) writing tool that Maszter93 posted a link to. It is detected as having a Trojan. It may be a false positive but I wanted to mention it.

Other confusion: none said as I well understood previously that it is not allowed to link publicly to IMEI changing software. But the link is still there despite it saying MOD edit. ???

I was going to mention that not being okay to Maszter93 but I’m not a mod so I didn’t feel it was my place to say anything about that,

Maszter93 - you may be right that it is a false positive but if you are basing that off your Windows Defender anti-virus than that’s not a good call. Windows AV is sadly lacking - one of the poorest AV out there. I say this as a computer field engineer and AV specialist who was heavily involved in virus work since the early 80’s. If it does have a Trojan you may not know about it for a long while. After looking at it more closely I think that tool has maybe a 10-20% chance of having a Trojan and probably 80-90% chance it does not but it is not signed and if I was going to use it I’d run it under Shadow Defender. I’m also aware flashing the firmware won’t fix his nvram problem but suggested he flash a clean firmware so that there would be less chance of a problem when he uses a tool to write back his number.
done. over and out :beers:


nah I give the link to the site in the internet because we can’t post it directly here (as forum mod states). just trying to help. either way since this is the internet we talk about so the risk were by ourselves.
perhaps I should add DWYOR next time when post link.

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A link to a search engine result or another site is fine.
I just don’t want it directly here so I appreciate what you said @Maszter93
It’s fine…

I can’t see the link so it must be cached


Hello! Unfortunately I don’t see the link that you posted. Could you send me a private message?

Thanks in advance and thank you for your help!

done, check PM

Yep, you’re right and I was confused about what software you were referring to.
Apologies mate @droidtrix

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I removed it from my mega account, so the link is no longer valid.

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No worries mate.
It’s all good :+1:

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Ahh great I wasn’t losing my mind :laughing: - maybe a little confused about the link situation with none and Maszter93 so no worries. Thanks pablo11 for the clarification.

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