Kospet Prime SE Caller ID problem any help?

Hello Guys! I want to ask your help…Well i bought a Kospet prime SE and i have a problem with caller id doesn’t show me who calls me. I have already one month this watch and only 2 contacts show who called me all the others show just a number of them, if i have a missing call or answer by phone show a name.
I don’t use a watch with a sim card only by bluetooth.
My mobile phone is Redmi Note 8 pro with android10 and MIUI 12.
Any help how to fix this problem?
Thank you…

So like this that you did with Watch droid when ring your phone your watch show you which name from your contacts is?? Or show you just a number??

Unfortunately, I do not know. Try! I use a MULTI SIM card.

Any help from any other???

You can have using watchdroid the name and number of person ringing your phone ( on your watch ) . Read through the watchdroid section on this . It will help

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I looked for this post :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You will also find on this page with message 4 above :wink:

he didn’t like the idea 5 days ago :wink:

If he use this app instead of the standard dialer, the watch will show the name of the person which is calling. That was his problem he wants to solve.

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Thanks for your response and help… Sorry for latency to answer but i was busy and no time to check it…
Well yesterday I did factory reset in my watch and i install watch droid. Show me who call in my watch BUT is it normal too many disconnections???All the time i have to make a connection… I didn’t bought a full version because I want to try first. If I Will buy full version are they stopping disconnections??

no, buying the full version will not stop it from disconnecting, but disabling the batterysaver should help

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Thanks for your answer and help.
I did already and i think is better now… :smiley:
What about you which app are you using??
Is it worth to buy a full version??

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myself, I’m only using the watch and no phone, so no companion app for me.

Now I know there has been a lot of hard development work into this app. And it doesn’t stand still. For this reason alone, everyone who can afford it should think about the pro version…


A point is the application to work right without problems if happens this it’s normal to pay for it. Money isn’t a problem because a price is cheap.

Agreed . Well worth the small amount of money :+1:

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