Kospet Prime Heart Rate Monitor

Kospet Prime Heart Rate Monitor doesn’t work on my wrist, doesn’t matter how tight I put the watch band,but if I put my finger on the green light instantly it’s working,any advise would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

People have reported problems with earlier models when the user has a lot of hair on arms .


Thank you, shave my wrist but still didn’t work,but working on my finger tip, Cheers

The only thing you can now try is a full factory reset . Of this doesnt work you will need to return as its a hardware issue .

I don’t think it’s a harware issue. It is working on the Fingertip. Maybe there is something wrong with his arm… :wink:


Well he has shaved it :wink:

I went on the kospet Prime website and send and email to their after service support to advise me,let see what they will say,Thanks

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So I have contacted Kospet about the Heart Rate Monitor,and even send a video demonstrating that its not working properly,They advise me to send it back to check the hardware or firmware of the Kospet Prime watch, so I ask for a return address,but I haven’t received a reply yet,Does anybody knows to whom I address this package to,and the return address to Kospet? Thanks

Is it possible you could help me with what courier service I could use to return the watch,my local post office don’t ship watch if they have batteries in side, obviously I cannot take out the batteries?

This is a known issue sending from uk royal mail and back to china . I had this many times and gave up . However there must be some couriers accept ?

Kospet send me the address,know am trying to send it back,know am stuck with a watch with no heart rate monitor, currently am going to try DHL or FedEx.

Fair enough but Kospet are not responsible for laws relating to shipping

Correct,They do what they suppose to do.unfortunate for people like me,Thanks👍🏾

What other android watch you recommend? I may buy another watch.

The kospet prime and the Lemfo lem10 are the two best available at this moment in time ( in my opinion ) . The kospet optimus although a little older is a popular choice for many

I got the watch send back by DHL,but it cost me £50,lol

Wow . Thats bad :pensive:

Hi My greatest concern know,is if or when will I ever received it back,or if it will work properly has it should, when it comes back if it comes back,what you think?

I think your chances are good. I know some people say otherwise, but Kospet customer service is definitely one of the better.

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Cheers mate👍🏾,Thanks

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