Kospet prime 2 poor battery

Charged today to 100% at 13:00
Now (23:45) battery is 50% besides I didn’t use non wifi non gps nothing(((( I don’t understand what’s going on((( (by the way I did factory reset)
Any idea what’s the problem?

If you’ve been watching videos the entire time, that’s a good result … The battery on the Kospet Prime 2 is excellent. But you will have to deal with it a little. Do you need GPS? Only turn it on when you are about to use it. I turn off mobile data when I use the WLAN at home. There is also an option to prefer 3G data. There are many other recommendations here in the forum. But you will have to take the time to read something here in the forum …

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What did you do between these times ? Install apps , change settings , youtube , gaming ? . Or is the watch draining with no use

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Faster today :sweat_smile:

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I have repeatedly charged to 100% and have had the Prime 2 still be sitting at 100% 10 to 11 hours later. It does vary sometimes and I haven’t totally figured out why but I’ve never lost more than about 10% in that amount of time. I close all tasks and do the memory clean (the broom icon) before testing this amount of time. It helps to look through all the optimization features and battery saver features in the Prime 2 in order got get this result.

I had neptune pine 2.inch screen smartwatch with 500 mah kept battery better than this.
Prime 2 is really nice just battery is a bit frightening
Is it ok to charge watch once daily?
The whole meaning of my posts are
For me it’s ok to charge once a day I am just afraid that batery will die fast that’s all
P.S thinking to set watch on battery save mode indoor when outdoor Ill turn off battery save mode what do you think about this?

Installed sim card can drain battery?

What u think about puting watch on power save mode when u r at home?and turn off power save mode when u need it?

Why not list ( as requested ) everything you are doing on your watch after a charge . Is it draining while sitting idle

Sorry but don’t understand what u mean((

What do you keep active during the day?
4g, GPS, wifi, Bluetooth.

What do you do during the day?
Calls, video calls, messages, games, videos …

Check if there are any applications working in the background.

Brightness level of the display

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Hi . Why not use a translater app or ask a friend who is more fluent in english . Helping you is impossible without some detail

Display on lvl 0
When I am at home setting to power save mode when I go out turning on 4g sometimes blue tooth to connect to earbuds

one spanish reviewer mentioned his kospet prime 2 lasts 10 hours with sim card inserted and average use.
I know usage may vary and some may turn most features off when not in use which helps a lot but in actual realustic use its one day at most i think.

another reviewer who make videos playing heavy games on kp2 mentioned getting 1.5 to 2 days on a single charge!!

seems in reality kp2 needs a 2000 mah instead of 1600 to ensure ending the day on a single charge:)

Battery lvl it’s not disaster but expected much more
At start wanted to take rogbid brave pro but couldn’t find so took this.
Anyway KP 2 works great display very nice
Definatley worth much more than domino dm 368 LOL

The battery in the P2 is more than adequate for a hard days use . I have tested this vigorously . For example although pointless -

Wifi on
Bt on
Sim in
Gps on
Screen always on
Data on

8 hrs


Ok I got your point but aside from what features were “on” can you shed some light about the usage details of the 8 hours your prime 2 achieved?

Perhaps a screenshot of power consumption by apps on your p2 during the 8 hours?


when at home putting on power save mode when I go out turning on 4g and bluetooth
What do u think is it worth to put on power save mode when u dont use watch?

P.S ANY1 WHO READ THIS are u regret that u bought watch or no?)))) ^___^

I have no idea what is wrong . The battery in this watch is huge and you should not have to use power save mode from a full charge wanting to last a day …

No and sorry . With older watches we constantly had to recommend power save solutions to last the day . This is not the case with the prime 2 . If it was we would offer advice