Kospet Prime 2 is dead!

my worst fear has come thru…my kospet prime 2 does not charge anymore…put it on charge yesterday after work, took it off after few hours to see it was at 4%…thinking maybe the charger was not lined up properly, i turned it off and charged it overnight…this morning i had 8%…i have 2 cables…tried both…i get the charging animation when connected and when connected to the computer i can get to my files, just no charge…anyone any ideas??

Have you tried cleaning the connectors with alchohol ( small amount )

yess…cleaned the contacts…did not work…i am really bummed…i sold my ticwriss max and max s because i liked the prime 2 best…now i am without a watch…

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Although you charged it overnight ( not recommended ) it shouldnt have killed it this quick .

So if you have tried all the following -

Cleaned connectors
Factory reset
Flashed firmware ( just a precaution but wont hurt trying )
Tried both cables you have
Tried various usb ports

You will have to return it i’m afraid

Two pins are for charging and two for data transfer . I dont think Kospet will accept a return if you open up the watch to have a look

Have you tried charging with your pc, a wall charger or both ?

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yes…tried everything possible…i have 3% charge left, so pretty much finished trying…tried both cables, different chargers and pc…nothing charges…the rest works (charge animation, pc connectivity), but no charge…

Sad news i’m afraid . You will have to return it

i think so too…isnt there a moderator who is in contact with the kospet store thru aliexpress? maybe he could ask them what the best returnpolicy is? thanx

There is @pablo11 . He is in contact with Kospet

He will read this post and advise :+1:


Yep, you just need to email them at
Kospetsmart@gmail.com and tell them that you have been here and tried everything…
They will help you.

It is most likely the rear cover contacts


thanx…just sent them an email…cross my fingers…


Please let me know if you have issues or cc me using zappa1.pf@gmail.com which is my email.

no response yet…will keep you up to date…thanx for the help