KOSPET Prime 2 Homemade Charging Stand USB Chargr Station USB Data Cable

I was dissatisfied with the charger that came with it. So I decided to modify the charger a little and built a charger from the parts supplied. For those who want to recreate it, I am posting the pictures and video link here.


Very innovative, congratulations!

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thank you :slight_smile:

Nice idea!, this is a concept which could apply to quite a few different brands of watches. Thanks!

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Perhaps a risky setup because the watch cannot “breathe” during charging and may build up heat, especially if on during charging. Just something to consider.

the top cover is always open during charging. so he is breathing. :cyclone:

I don’t want to go into a discussion, but I beg to differ, as it sits completely surrounded by isolating material, except for the top, so I would be very careful.

I think you may be right @Dotsfar … while the concept is creative, the material of (the styrofoam-type) packaging & surround may be limiting air circulation and correct heat dispensation. (I’m no technician mind you).


Taner, what watch face is that you are using? It’s cool.

And do you recall where you got the components for your homemade charger construct?


Hello cDavi, welcome to the forum.

Some of the watchfaces made by members here for the prime 2 have custom touch buttons around the watchface. They are specific to that type of watch but could be edited. A bit like this one…

It is close to the one in the video. You may be able to search based on it at least.

I hope you get a reply from the member that created the original post, but it was 2 years ago and people do move on.

Personally, I would like to keep the box my watch came in as a storage or display box. Cutting it up to mount the charging cable that comes with the watch is interesting but a 3D printed cradle may be better for airflow. Explore the search function on the forum for a printed one, it is a great way to get used to the site.

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Shuei thank you!!! Your help was amazing; it’s addressed the objects of my interest, proffering even better solutions, and simultaneously exemplified the potential utility of the site.

Yeah I hadn’t really been hopeful for a response to the 2 year old post. More of a hail Mary. I did originally try using the site search icon for “prime 2 charger” and that was how I found this post. But I couldn’t find responses in the dropdown specifically matching what I sought, so threw the hail Mary and gave up.

Quick question, are the charger head and watch body dimensions for the LEM14 and Kospet Prime 2 similar? That is, I am unfamiliar with creating 3D models and want to know if the one linked would fit.


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Hello cDavi,

Here I will have to state I am at the limit of my knowledge of the variety in these watches and hope that other members with more information can help with your request on the relative sizes and placement of items.

I have a Lokmat APPLLP 4 pro which is different again. It has an additional battery that can be used to charge the internal battery when it is not possible to access a charger and the magnetic lead. This battery sits on a surface and the watch sits on it so a cradle would mimic its dimensions. Did yours have a similar accessory?

Good luck with the project.

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Hi, nah the Kospet Prime 2 doesn’t have such a charging accessory or even a non-charging stand. That’s the reason I tried to search for one. As it is, it’s lopsided with the charger connected and tends to get disconnected.

All right then, thanks. I might just try something homemade as that should be easier than learning to design a 3D image.


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