PRIME2 hypnotic simple and fitness two faces - one pair Updated! New animated watch faces and FW2.1 (Google and FAW) compatible


FW2.1 Google and FAW
The battery status display is simple due to the animations. (no status icons).
There is still a missed sms and call.

The button editor can still be used for free versions.

PRIME2 ENG hypnotic1s


PRIME2 ENG hypnotic2s

Old Versions FW1.4

PRIME2 ENG hypnotic


If you cut the icon out of the button, the holographic effect is visible.


Awesome work gyuri! The one you shared with me a while back is still my favorite watch face and my daily user. I had changed a few buttons for my favorite apps but it is otherwise the same. I see you’ve added a lot to the ones above and even a button editor :+1:

For anyone who hasn’t tried one of these you’ll find it is very beautiful with scrolling colors that you just have to see to appreciate. Thanks for sharing all these cool variations gyuri !

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Nice clockskin Gyuri :+1:


Updated! New animated watch faces added on top.
FW2.1 (Google and FAW) compatible.



What do you want to ask?
There are no 3 question mark watches among the Lokmat watches.
Everything probably works on Lokmat Pro.
Not all touch buttons work well on the Lokmat 4.

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damage does not work on my lokmat 4
can you do it to me thank you

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No, because I don’t have a watch like that.

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Best Watch Face on this forum. Thank You. This works well and looks great on other watches ( apart from touch buttons) for example on my ROGBID Brave. So worth a look if you don’t have a PRIME2. Awesome!!!

Install package viewer and find out your watch application link. Then copy the link and replace in clock_skin.xml file