Kospet Prime 2 have issues weather home settings

It’s wouldn’t let me open weather, it’s just stay loading forever and won’t let me in or set it up location at all, i did not know what to do?

is there anything can fix it?

Have you turned on the fine grain location and wifi ?


yes i did but did not let me in weather app, it’s just stuck loading long time and said “failed” i couldn’t see updates weather on my Smartwatch, when i received my Smartwatch from ordered, that happened when it’s loading forever. :thinking:

Reboot the watch ?

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ok let’s see if it works, let’s me try and will give updates to u


not working still :woman_shrugging:t2::slightly_frowning_face:

it’s said “failed” … disappointed.

hello, i had the same problem when i got my watch. long story short i put a wifi signal booster in my house wifi system, and it worked. i live in a 2 story house with my wifi router in one corner of the room upstairs. a signal booster is different from a wireless router

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I’ve found a way to solve the problems, it’s has be sim card to make weather app working so i moved my sim card into watch from my phone then reboot as it’s working showing data is on 4G so i opened weather app as it’s finally showed update weather so i moved my sim card back into phone again using hotspot connect watch and update weather app without sim card in watch as it’s still working showing update :grin:

hope this helps :heavy_check_mark:

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I have the same problem, it can’t find the location on Wi-Fi. Same issue with Google Maps. Any ideas? Thanks.

Try enabling Google location accuracy (in location settings / advanced) , but on stock factory firmware the app seems to rely on Sim card data.

The FAW forum international firmware can use Wi-Fi only for the weather updates and google location accuracy is enabled by default.


Oh wow that’s interesting… it’s shame they didn’t program the stock to use Wifi as well, hopefully they fix it. I contacted Kospet about it, they responded initially asking for some screenshots and I wrote back, but have not heard back since. If I get any updates I will let you know.

Try BT tethering instead of hotspot for battery saving, also use this app for auto update if you want.

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Hey so I have an update, I tried enabling Google location accuracy, and that actually got Google Earth to work (for the first time, which was great) but still had issues with the Weather App being able to find the location.

So I put my phone SIM into the watch (make sure you go into Settings, Network & internet, Mobile network, Mobile data->ON) and the Weather App found the location right away and updated.

I tried taking the SIM card out and went onto Wifi, but it again was not able to find the location.

Now the fun part - I had an old phone SIM card that I was not using (not activated on any carrier network) and put that into the watch, connected the watch to Wifi, and low and behold it found the location and updated the weather over Wifi.

I think that just the way the firmware is set up it expects a SIM card, and then it is able to use whatever data connection is available (Wifi or Cellular) to update the Weather.

Thanks again for the advice, your information is what led me to this, hopefully it continues to work lol.

@ACMaverick yep, that’s what I was saying…
The reason for this is that these are made in China and due to the great firewall, they can’t develop apps that use location servers outside China.
So AGPS and Baidu location assistance is the answer for them.

In our firmware we remove all that stuff and point the weather service to a more accessible service that doesn’t require AGPS and works on Wi-Fi…even if location is turned off.

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Hey, ah… ok I gotcha, yeah that makes sense. Yeah that’s true because I think when I had gone outside with the watch the location worked, I guess because the GPS was then able to triangulate. That’s really cool you made a custom firmware that fixes this issue, is that available for download? Thanks again.

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Once you have reached level 2 membership you will be able to access it.
This is the information thread



Hey, ah ok gotcha, ok great sounds good, thanks.

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