Kospet prime 2 charging

I read some information about charging and people say that if you want your battery live longer you must charge till 80% and you must not let battery drop below 20% if it’s not hard for you ppl can you tell your opinion pls :grin:

I would take ur opinion but i would usually chage it till 97% then till 15% ill keep cuz u dont want to make the pluging and remove of the charge a lot u wanna minimize it so its better to save that i agree with you but this is my opinion

I charge watch once daily
is it a lot?

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No thats just perfect if you use it the whole day .

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And try to avoid leaving on charge longer than required ( overnight )

My main problem is to charge to 100% or better 80?

if 80% - 20% lasts the whole day then I would do it that way

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Actually when I don’t use it I put it on power save mode and when I go out I just turn power save mode off
Sometimes 2-3 days watch are on save mode LOL

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I charge my prime 2 every 4 days as i do switch it off at night , i use the black dual charger from samsung , found in thier phones upto the note 9 or available in many retailers , it takes just over an hour to charge from 5% to 100%

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I dont think you should be using a different charger :electric_plug: because it might destroy the battery.unless the other charger also has the same volt power

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Very good point . This is a easy way of ruining the P2

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Its just like using an apple charger to charge your samsung both have different power volts.i recomment to ise the original charger

well, the prime 2 doesn’t come with a power brick, so…

I use either an old sony power brick or my laptop when I charge my prime 2. Wouldn’t mind using an apple charger on a samsung phone either, as long as we’re not talking about trying to use the lightning cable.

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Sometimes when prime 2 is on power save mode for a long time after that when I turn off I can’t use sim card says insert sim card but when I reboot it works fine.
So the question is:Is it ok if watch are on power save mode for a long time?

Yes, it is ok. No problem at all.

Thnx for respond

By the way when I was charging prime 2 with domino dm368 charging was pretty slow
But it’s original are pretty fast charging

Did you use a different cable? I don’t recommend this. The polarity of the Prime2’s charging cable is different from most other watches. The risk of damage is high.


I directly connect to a 5 volt usb pulugs u can such extention

1 more thing which is right charge while in save mode or better charge when power save mode is off?