Kospet Prime 2: Can't connect to the camera

Hi to all the watch fans.
Kospet Prime2, Android 10.7
As I recently found out, the camera has stopped working, "Can’t connect to the camera " is all I get. To find out is it a hardware or software issue, I did a factory reset. No luck, camera still dead.
I re-installed UL 3.2.2 , gave all the permissions needed, but now comes my real problem:
As soon as I start UL I see the flashing black+white watch face. If I want to choose one of my favorite ones, which were running before the reset, UL crashes. Restart the watch, restart UL, fine. UL is running, I can see the UL icons above, swiping right, I see UK menue which I can open. But as soon as I try to load a watch face from the clockskin folder, kaboom, here we go back to standard launcher.
Any idea, which setting I have to change? I’m sure, it’s only a setting.

Have a great evening all together,

Get the UL compatible with Android 10 here:


Thanks a lot, it’s now working, with 3.6.1 :ok_hand:

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