Kospet Prime 2 battery / charging problems

Hi guys,

I got my prime 2 in December and for the most part, it’s worked without issue and I was quite pleased with the battery life. On a typical day, I was getting about 15 to 18 use before recharging it. A couple of days ago though, I noticed it didn’t charge like it has been and though connected, I thought maybe the charging cable wasn’t mated up correctly so I repositioned and it seemed to charge as normal. Over the next couple of days, the battery time seemed reduced and the charging became harder. This morning when I woke, it was only at 22% after being plugged in all night. I have since come to work (8 hours now) and it’s been plugged in since I got here and at last check it was only at 38%.

Nothing on my end has changed. It goes to sleep when charging and I haven’t made any changes to the watch in weeks so I’m clueless.

Anything thoughts or ideas? Do I contact Kospet about it or Bangood?


Ps - it’s been charging all day and had reverted to 25%

Overcharging wont help . It will do the opposite to be honest . We always recommend only charging the required amount ( not overnight ) . However i dont believe this has caused your problem . Obviously we always ask to try the following things -

Make sure charging pins cleaned with a little alchohol .

Factory reset

Ensure you use P2 cable only .

If still doesnt work contact Banggood


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Thanks Dr Andy. I appreciate your help.

I did clean the charging port and cord with an alcohol wipe. Nothing improved.

I have a 2nd brand new, unused, Prime 2 that I bought at same time in November, just in case a problem like this occurred and wasn’t able to be remedied, that I tried the charging cable from to see if it was in fact a cable issue. Nothing changed.

I’ve reached out to Banggood but they are asking for things that I can’t answer (pics of the packaging label, which one I’m using…etc) so they gave me an email address to make contact though (have yet to respond)

Haven’t tried the Factory reset yet as the discharge started happening rapidly tonight and was reduced to 8% even though it’s been connected to a power source. I shut it off at that point because I fear losing all power and not being able to start it again.

Still think it’s worth a shot to reset it?


To be honest you have nothing to lose now . I would try it them maybe we can look at a return

Roger that

It won’t allow the factory reset below 25% battery

Ah yes . Totally forgot about that . Same as a OTA update . Then i see no option but a return .

Okay thank you

A bit more info


Hi Dr Andy,

Thank you for that. I read this prior to my post. Fortunately I only have Prime 2’s in my home and the 2nd cable I tried was a replacement (purchased directly from Kospet themselves) for a the first Prime 2 I rec’d. So in my humble opinion, there shouldn’t be an issue with either cable I tried.

I reached out to Banggood again and got more information but I have yet to hear back from them.


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