Brand new Prime 2 not charging

If you are in the U.S. you can get a multimeter from Walmart for less than $5 online with free shipping. See my last couple posts in the Prime 2 thread around #737 and #734 for a link to that inexpensive meter. Also a picture I put up shows what the polarity should and which pins should show about 5 volts. That should pin down (no pun intended) whether the cable is bad or the watch regulator chip as iscle mentioned.

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The battery charge is now under 10% and I’m keeping the watch powered off for now and NOT connected to the charger. The watch appears to lose charge faster when connected to the charger. It’s nuts.

I’m in email correspondence with Banggood and it seems they will be sending me a replacement charger cable - hopefully soon.

Guys I plan to pop into an electrical store today to get the cable tested.

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Thanks for keeping us posted :+1: Good luck

Ok just back from an electrical repair store…

Cable seems fine - voltage is just over 5v

We put the watch on charge again - dropped from 9% to 7%

Repair technician concluded that the problem is with the watch, not the cable.

Waiting for a replacement charger cable from Banggood is a therefore probably a waste of time…

If you use any other cable than the one provided - you can seriously damage your watch because the polarity is different.
Please power off the watch.
Use the supplied cable and connect to a PC or similar and hope that you have not broken the power circuit.
That is why there is a big warning about it in the first post of the official support thread…
Just so you know - you have been checking the magnets in your photo.
They have nothing to do with charging.
If you have already used different cables - I suspect you will have to return the watch because the charging circuit will be toasted.
Just send it back if this is the case.
In fact - you should return it anyway.
Firmware flashing will make no difference - it’s hardware that is affected.

Hi @pablo11

Just to be clear, I have not used any other cable, in fact nor do I have any cable that would fit the Prime 2.

Regarding the photos I took multiple photos with two different technicians, and I wasn’t paying attention to the position of the probes. Here’s another photo I took earlier with the probes in a different position.

Aha - I see
Sorry for the misunderstanding about using other cables :frowning:
Ok - so the two “outer pins” are the power pins usually.
The ones next to each magnet.
I do not think you have a bad cable though.

Normally I would suggest carefully removing the rear cover and checking connections and also checking that the USB cable pogo pins are still “spring loaded”

But as this thing is so difficult to dismantle - I suggest you just return it.
They will be ok about it - email them and explain that Pablo11 from the fullandroidwatch forum has advised you to contact them and arrange a return.
Let me now what they say please.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Is it better that I deal with rather than

With cservice@banggood it takes 24 hours between each email and then different people seem to be responding.

Well, they will ask you to deal with the seller first of all unfortunately.
But, if they give you a hard time then email Kospet and tell them that I asked you to contact them


FYI - I am able to connect the watch to my Windows 10 laptop using the charger cable…


This makes me think even more that there is a physical problem with the watch.
Either a dislodged internal wire connection and a damaged power control circuit.

Are you absolutely certain that you have not tried a different cable?

Absolutely certain.

Should I perhaps take it somewhere to have it opened?

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Update: Banggood have agreed to refund/replace the watch. I now need to ship it back to China.

I’ll look to ordering again in the new year.

You should reply all to the email I sent earlier.
Kospet is on the recipient list.
Keep them up to date and see what they say about the fact that you can’t afford to send it back until after Christmas

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It’s your call :+1:

Its my understanding that Banggood will cover the shipping fee but they ask that I must return the watch using the “cheapest” courier.

“You need to send back the item by the cheapist logistic method, please not send the items by DHL , UPS or EMS because it is expensive and easy to lead tax issue. Please inform us the shipping fee before sending the item”

Obviously I don’t want to use a shipping method that’s gonna take 6-8 weeks or go missing…

Normally I use regular post with tracking.
Once posted you send them the tracking number.

Do you have any idea when they issue the refund? On shipping or only after arrival/inspection?

I have no idea.
I’m sorry.
I never bought anything from Banggood