Kospet optimus pro _ unacceptable battery life

Hello to everyone

I have in my hands from 31 of December 2019 the kospet optimus pro with firmware v3.0_20190830.
Due to kospet, for example this watch’ s battery lasts about 3 days in 4g stand by.
After doing factory reset and deactivating: Google voice assistant, auto synchronization,
location permission from all the apps and also deactivating background data from many apps, i only managed to have 10 hours of battery life with only one or two calls in 3g mode.
Furthermore with all the above efforts and with everything turned off like wifi, gps, sim etc and without waking up the screen at all, i have 2 per cent draining per hour.
But if i dare for example to set a clock alarm then the battery draining is about 10 per cent in 1 hour without any usage at all. Then i m obligated to turn off the watch and reactivating it in order to stop the battery collapsing.
Is there any solution??
Many thanks

Can i ask why did you do the full reset . Was if after a ota firmware update - flash firmware ?

It’s not that bad.

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Which is the way that you are using your watch and you have that good consumption?
Have you turned on for example sim, wifi, gps?

It’s bluetooth only. The rest is turned off.

Deep sleep is not too bad on this watch as checked with appropriate tools. The main issue I have noticed personnally is the “led wakelocks” bug. I’m afraid you could be bored by that because it disappears after restart. I don’t know how avoid it without root access.

There is an app called mtknoleds.apk. I think it works without root. This might solve your problem.


Can’t find it atm. I’ll have a closer look later. I think there was a post about it in the main Kospet Optimus pro thread.

Thanks a lot




Thanks for finding it! I think it was working without root. Do you know if I remember right?

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your memory serves you correct.

i haven’t rooted and it works fine.

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Thank you for confirming this.

Personally i don t know what is the ‘led wakelocks’ and what mtknoleds.apk is actually doing.
Every help would be great.
Do you believe that this solution will improve the battery life of kospet pro (without root of course)?

Yes, it works without root and I’m quite sure that it should solve your main problem.

Thanks a lot my friend but as i said i don t know the exact work of this app.
I ll try it and i ll return

Although some people here should have better explanation than me, especially in english, I’ll try to explain a bit as far as I understand that.
Basically, on Android, when battery drop under 15%, a process in background is started to flash the led of the device.
On our watch (which has however no led) and also a few chinese smartphones, this process in background leads to a big battery drain (fails to deep sleep), even you charge your device above the low battery warning level. When the device is charged and restarted, the battery saving mode is back to normal.


Also when you receive a notification

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