Kospet OPTIMUS PRO tips

Hello, I personally use the smartwatch ONLY as a watch.
I create my watch faces, I disable all the sensors, because I’m not interested in pedometer notifications etc. etc.
I always keep the screen on (I do not mean the function always active) I mean the dial with the watchface that I have created always illuminated.
Until now I use a Galaxy Watch, I create my watch faces with Gear Watch Designer, I turn off all possible sensors and keep it on with the “I AM ALIVE” app.
I purchased a KOSPET OPTIMUS PRO fascinated by the sharper screen (454x454 px) and the more powerful battery.
What software should I use to create 454x454 dials for the Optimus?
How can I keep it on at all times?
how can I turn off everything that consumes the battery as much as possible?
Thank you all.

Hi . If you search on this forum you will find " universal launcher " . Its great and had a " always on screen " option .

Also use from this forum " watchface designer "

If you want to disable everything and use as a watch only turn on airplane mode .


Look for wfd on this forum.


Thank You I try immediately

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