Kospet Optimus 2 VS Lemfo 16

the tech behind these 2 watches .

Helio P22 VS UMS312

which one is better? and why?

is Kospet Optimus 2’s advantage Over Lemfo 16 (6G ram) ( battery drain and “over heating” and some other not so big issues like touch screen problems) caused by the inferior UMS 312 chip?

I currently use a Lemfo LEM16 as a daily driver because I have set it up for NFC payment. I have no problems with overheating and rapid discharge. But I also deleted many apps that I don’t need, such as the Assistant app, the Watchface Store, the Updater, the stock browser, the live wallpapers and many, many others.
I described how this works here:

-How to delete installed Apps on Android 10

The problem can be triggered by the Watch Face Store app, for example: If the Watchface server is down and the app tries to connect to this server.
Along the way I got a watch that fulfilled all my wishes and had reasonable battery consumption.


Hi, How can I configure NFC on a Lemfo Lem16?

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Well, I use NFC watch bands from Tapster:

-Wireless payment and fullandroid watches

I have linked this to a bank account that supports this solution. I have installed this bank’s app on the watch. This means I will receive a notification on the watch after payment has been made.

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