Kospet Optimus 2 disappointment :(

I don’t really like to write this, but somehow I have to. I got Kospet Optimus 2 last year end of august 2021. i have to say that I used it as medical device - for diabetes CGM system. I know many can say it is not for this usage…maybe… but it works only via Bluetooth with my Dexcom G6 sensor to read my sugar blood state… Somehos it is a really nice watch. But because of the hughe technic inside it looks it can’t manage soem stuff for a long time. my watch died after 3 months of use in december 2021. After long writing with kospet they replaced the watch. It took almoust 2 months. I got a new one end january. And last week it also died :frowning: . this is really sad that such a nice device can work only for three months. by the way i have also an alading w5 children watch that i used to use in notcase situation. It is a cheap android 9 device. and after 2 years it still work very well with my CGM device with no problems…

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Sorry to hear that. I have a Prime, a Prime 2 and a Ticwris Max S. No problems with any of them. Sounds like you have been unlucky or have a usage pattern which collides with the durability of the watch. We all use them differently, so it’s difficult to compare.


well you are right. At all I really like this watch. But somehow it has to much high end options as it looks like. Probably I will stay by my low end aladeng W5 children watch which is managing it a lot lot better.
By the way- why the android watches are round? it doesn’t really make sense. they all have the same problem that the apps doesn’t fit. no idea why no one is going to produce a normal recentangle screen watch like the low end aladeng w5 watch which really suprised me with many amaizing option (removable batterry -great lovely oldschool, really loud speaker, no sensors) somehow it is getting to be my favorite android watch- even if its not supported here :wink:

You might have a look at the Lemfo LEM10. It’s an APPLE shaped Android 7 smartwatch. I still love it very much.


The Ticwris Max S is rectangular, with a big battery, really a nice watch.


Android 7 is a no-go for me. Way too old and insecure.
Thanks for suggesting it though. The same with modern specs ( :wink: ) could be really a nice watch. Other ideas ?

Nope, I am waiting for that one too :ok_hand: