Kospet optimus 2 charging issue

My watch charges extremely slowly…have a new cable on the way from kospet as it won’t give a usb connection with my computer. However yesterday my watch ran out completely…left it on charge overnight and this morning the face switches between black…battery with a charging symbol in it…black…battery with red empty. Unable to turn it on. Anything I can do to fix this?

I had exaxtly the same problem and tried everything. Flashed firmware etc . What i never understood was i left it a few days and it started charging normally and now works ?

It certainly didnt get wet as it never left my home.

Leaving on charge for a long time is not advised

Well I had it on charge overnight…nothing…now on battery Dock…if that fails…usb, but like I said my usb wire seems to have issues…not a great start.

Have you tried cleaning the contacts on both the watch and cable. My experience over the many years of using these watches, with the exception of battery issues is dirty contacts often prevent proper or no charging situations.

Hello!! Stay away from Chinese products like this. I clicked on it too Lemfo 16. Thanks!!

Hmm, this sounds a bit like blanket condemnation. There are many happy users here. And I’ll tell you a well-kept secret: every single Fullandroid watch comes from China.


Everything comes from China anyway, your phone, laptop, PC parts, even food sometimes. There’s no use in worrying about it


Two smart watches > lemfo 16 and T92 Smart Watch Bracelet 2 in 1 TWS Wireless Earbuds 1.28Inch went to the trash or vacation forever.

So you had exactly one fullandroid smartwatch, the LEM16.
Sorry, but I don’t think this is a solid foundation for a blanket buy warning…

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If you have the same problem as me, then we will talk

Oh, some of my watches died, too. But I also have some that have been working for many years.

You have to be careful to spot scammers or you’re playing the lotto

Interesting thread…lol

So I left it charging all day on the powerbank…at some point it started charging but still seems very slow to charge. Don’t know what time it started charging but it is 9 hours since I put it there and it is only on 66%…something doesn’t seem right in the charging department.

Yes tried this…doesn’t seem to make a difference…fortunately it is charging now but still seems very slow.

Charging from the power bank can be very slow.
The battery inside the bank is exactly the same as the battery inside the watch.
So unless the power bank is plugged in to a phone charger or a powered up PC, it will stop charging at around 70%.
Have you got a good 5 volt source connected to the power bank?
If not it will slow down and stop at around 70 %. It’s designed to be used if you are away from home and your watch is at low charge.

The best way is direct charge from watch to pc or 1amp phone charger with the USB cable.
Now that it has started charging, you may get better results by powering on the watch and try the USB cable direct.
Charge while it is powered on.
As strange as it sounds, I get best results if I install the unisoc drivers on my pc.
But a regular phone charger should work fine now the watch powered on.
It may not be a problem with the USB cable after all.

Most of these issues are caused by the device being left in storage for long time after it was made, and then it is sold, but the battery has not been charged for many months before sale.
These batteries have a tendency to be a problem if they are drained and left for a long time without charging.


Another thing you can do is use an inline meter to monitor the charging voltage and amperage. This is the meter I use for every charge. It will help trouble shoot problems with your power source or how much current your watch is accepting and help isolate any problems.


Thanks…I will try a few cycles. My usb cable definitely charges slower than my power bank. I have the power bank plugged in while charging. I am hoping the new cable coming from kospet solves the problem.

I don’t know why I don’t possess one of these already…good recommendation thanks.

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From PC or phone charger?
By the way, never use a phone “fast charger”
Sounds very much like a bad cable.
Did you buy this watch new or used?

Imma just write about my case: I have 3 Optimus 2 (Yes, three) and all of them at some point had this charging issue.

My way to fix it was to slightly scrape the surface of the charging pads with a needle or something pointy. Our skin will create a layer of dead cells and corrosion attached to the pads over the time so it will degrade the connection between the pogo pins and the pads. Isopropyl won’t help either.

All of them are charging correctly by now.

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