Kospet hope screen went blank

Hi, Good day to all !!! Please help me, I have Kospet hope and I was uninstalling and reinstalling universal launcher, as step counter was not resetting. After unstalling UL. as instructed, home screen went blank. Touch screen is also not working on home screen, although always on time and recent activity is working, By voice a time telling app is also working. ( sadly recent task is not having settings or gallery ) I have some 800 plus watchfaces stored in it, so if I can revive that I will be happy.I don’t know how to flash software so please give me other options. If physical buttons can do hard reset then please show me the procedure. Thanks in advance
Best regards Mehul.

Please press and hold the power button to force a reboot.


Hi, G1N how are you ? a big thank you for your prompt answer. I tried force reboot , but the result was negative. I will post video so you can understand properly. Every thing else is working, only home screen is blank and non responsive to touch. I can open recent task, from there I can shutdown, reboot etc. and it’s touch responsive.
Warm regards Mehul

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Ah ok, so the sceen isn’t dead? It still displays everything expect ste start screen?

Do you have a windows computer (or a mac) to copy your clockskin folder?

Yeah I have windows 10 Laptop.

You should copy the watchfaces from your watch to your laptop first.

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Thank you G1N but I don’t know how ? Which app. I have to install on laptop ? I have data cable of kospet hope and in past I connected watch to laptop but nothing happend and after that I didn’t need laptop because I was using mobile to transfer watch faces to watch. So please guide me…
Regards Mehul

I’ll lead you tomorow, mate.


No problem friend, I am always amazed that you find time to help us from your busy schedule , so nice of you…
Regards Mehul

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Well said @mehul1 :+1: …and so very true of all the Mods (Yes and even that old Bugger @pablo11 ! :crazy_face:) on here…I have never asked for help and not had them provide all the help they could…particularly @Dr_Andy_Vishnu & @G1NT0N1C ! We have a good bunch on here! :+1: :+1:Cheers, Doons


If you install this driver package “without the watch connected” you should be able to see the watch storage appear as a removable drive on your pc.

Then just copy the watch face folders you want to the Clockskin folder on the watch storage.

I hope this helps, otherwise @G1NT0N1C will help you out :+1:


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Well I just got my Kospet Hope from my watch storage to give specific instructions on how to secure the watchfaces. Now I understand the problem! The Kospet Hope (I loved it a lot, a really good watch) has one special feature that sets it apart from all other smartwatches: it only has a 2-pin contact for charging, which is not suitable for data transfer.

At our suggestion, Kospet has added a 4-pin contact to the retail models, which is hidden in the SIM tray:

This enables data transmission, but this requires a special plug, which is usually not included in the scope of delivery:

I suspect that Mehul does not have this data cable. @Mehul1 : Can you confirm this assumption?


Good call @G1NT0N1C.
If he does not have the cable - the watch face transfer app will work or BT file transfer :+1:


Jep, BT file teansfer is a possibility. Clockskin transfer might work, too. But it will be a painful job to transfer 800 watchfaces…


@G1NT0N1C yes it would be a problem.
However, having 800 faces on your watch is not a good idea.
The amount of ram and power used to read all these - makes it a bad idea.


Here it is if you want one

£10.27 35%OFF | KOSPET Hope/Hope Lite smartwatch Charging Date Cable Transfer Cable For Kospet Hope/Hope Lite Smart Watch Phone


Thank you all for taking interest in my problem and forgive me if I’m slow to your solution because few weeks back I was going home on my bike, while crossing bridge a stray dog suddenly crossed the road,I braked very hard and saved the dog but my bike slipped and my left leg got complete fracture in tibia.I have to go through surgery and they fix it with implant of plate and 7 screws. I am in rehabilitation stage. Couple days back I am allowed to walk with walker, with left leg only fingers touching or with minum load.I hope I will get ok in one month and able to walk again normally.
Warm regards Mehul