Kospet Hope 4G broken back

The back cover of my Kospet Hope 4G is cracked diagonally and a piece of SIM cover is broken. The watch works flawlessly, all its functions are good. Does someone have a damaged watch for a donor?

Strange. Do you know how this happened? It looks like the battery might have expanded!

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I have had this happen to two watches . Try contacting Kospet for a replacement . Maybe worth mentioning you have been on this support forum . They will probably charge you like kingwear charged me . Thanks

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu Hi Tim, The two watches you had crack problems with…were they older watches? I mean, do you think it was a potential battery problem? Or do you believe there was others reasons for the cracks? Cheers. Doons

Hi . Yes they were . Old KW88 and IQI . As you will read hardly any reporting this problem

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Do you see the two photos I uploaded? Because I do not.

I had the same thing in my mind. I was very careful not to damage the watch. I didn’t hit him with any object.

No photo’s attatched .

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Thats impressive . Have you been using the tight fitting data cable ?

I only used the original charger cable.

Try reaching out to Kospet . Again tell them we sent you from this forum . If you dont get any response @pablo11 is in touch with them all the time . Thanks


Thank you!
I’ll report on what’s the result.

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To be honest I don’t know if they will replace this one.
Looking at the photo it is very obviously not a a manufacturing fault.
The cracks in the this photo are in a pattern that is consistent with excessive force put on the watch.
Like sitting on it, for example…
Did you receive the watch in a Kospet box and it was fine when you opened it?
Have you had the watch for long? I ask because the rear cover screws are going rusty with oxidisation…
You will have a difficult time persuading them that this is problem with the watch itself. They will ask you these questions.
This looks more like serious damage caused by a fairly serious incident…
In my opinion…
You will probably be asked if you want to purchase a rear cover. I doubt they will cover this by warranty.
No need to say that you are from this forum in this case.
If they cannot help you at all - let us know and I will see if I can arrange for you to get another cover.

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Mine has a small crack from sim door to side of watch, I brushed flex seal over the crack and sim door area, then wiped it off with a rag, Then its just in the crack, if you still have the door, Put it back on cover the cover it with electric tape, I don’t use my sim anymore because I have tmobile digits and use secure Bluetooth teather app on watch and phone, Works great for calls on watch

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I understand.
I didn’t sit on it and hit any object. The display is undamaged, the clock is working.

I’m curious if the watch was like this when you opened the box after purchasing?

No, the watch was undamaged when I bought it and removed it from the box. When I plugged the charger on an evening, I haven’t seen a break on it, but it was broken in the morning.

This damage might be induced by a bloated battery. I saw something like that on a mobile phone some years ago.

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@G1NT0N1C may be right.
It is a vaccum sealed watch when it is assembled and if the battery had any issues at all it would build pressure…
I guess it is worth trying to get it replaced if you still have warranty but getting them to believe you is going to be difficult.

Have you been able to look at the battery or inside the watch at all?
From the photo it looks like you are still able to remove the rear cover screws without too much trouble.