Kospet 4G OPTIMUS is just released

http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bOkwQWI4 considering really bad to buy it!!!

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A bit pricey, I got the Hope as in Hope they update the software!

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You can even preorder the Kospet Optimus Pro from Banggood, it costs $159, but since Kospet / KingWear doesn’t give a sh*t to the bugfix / feature requests, I won’t buy another watch from them.

Why? The Kospet Hope 3/32 is ALMOST perfect, I ALMOST like it, but - as with most of the lower tier Chinese companies - their software is a copy and paste nightmare made for another watch, ported for the Hope to at least work.

Yeah, it works, but I can’t really love it. My Amazfit Stratos is worse in almost everything, but it’s perfect for what it is!

So if you don’t want to spend over $150 on a watch which won’t be supported in a few months, don’t buy the Optimus / Optimus Pro!

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is it 800 or 620 mAh only ?

The spec sheet of Optimus Pro has 800mAh.

Sadly mobvoi (ticwatch) doesnt support 4g LTE i would buy it instantly, gr8 watch and excellent customer service .

for me no KOSPET anymore the optimus will be the Same Old Story same unfixed poor UI etc

in their add they say" professional sport management app" ??? does it come with accurate gps tracking or is it the Same Old Story useless sports app

havent mentioned the loudspeaker issues yet still distorted sound as on the HOPE since day 1

It the above mentioned issues remain dont buy it this is the only way KOSPET will listen and pay attention to customer feedback

hopefully im wrong.

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its a good looking watch and good spec,that’s why i didn’t buy the Hope ,because its going to be like Stormchild says,beside Lemfo either doesn’t give sh…t, you try to contact them and nothing from them,but we know that its a reliable company and Zeblaze i am always have a response from them and even the send me times couples the firmware. I am in same dilemma , i will wait for something pretty reliable. Even i don’t see the meaning of the dual CPU if you are using the watch as a phone if you have it in bracelet mode you will no get phone calls that is that some owners said

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agreed Rafael . I dont see the meaning of the dual mode either nor a camera (others do ) . typical all those companies are fishing in the same pond one makes dual the rest follows without any specific idea no own identity .
and propably worst of all the remaining issues are the same on the next model

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i got my optimus pro a week ago and do not (yet) have any problems , i bought this watch to replace my old thor 4 , dont really see the point of the lite os as it does not do that much , sofar ive had a few updates which are ok ,

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Thats good to know . Please share your thoughts if you do encounter any problems


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I have the Optimus pro and I like it a lot. I have had a couple of software updates OTA since I got it a few weeks ago.

I have previous owned the ticwatch Pro. Ticwatch is slow and buggy as hell so I went for the Optimus because I know that even if there are bugs, it’s pretty damn fast and responsive - ok the ticwatch you press button, wait, scroll, wait, launch app, cross fingers, wait… Maybe it will open.

If you don’t care about Google pay or taking tethered calls (which never worked properly when needed on ticwatch) then the Optimus is fantastic. And the dual mode does mean that if you get down to 10% battery but won’t be near a charger for a while then you can still sport it like a regular watch.

Also, I bought a brand new ticwatch Pro from eBay and when I had a problem with it tic watch refused to help saying the warranty is only valid if bought from amazon, so beware of you ever do ever buy one of their products.

My only wish is that these Chinese brands put a bit more metal into the finish to give it a higher quality feel.


Hello all of you fellow Optimus users!

My Optimus Pro is about a week old. Similar to you, I had to go through the first required update and downloaded the WiiWatch2 based on the QR barcode. No sim usage for the moment. So far, so good.

However the connection to the WiiWatch2 app is regularly lost. I used to solve that by running the WiiWatch2 apk again. The WiiWatch2 sees that repeating run as an update of the software and solves the connection between my Optimus watch and my Samsung Android mobile. After, many, many, many,… reinstalled WiiWatch2, I discovered “Watch Droid phone”, which is now permanently taking care for the connection between my watch and mobile. All notifications are not being stopped anymore because of the disconnected line with my mobile.

For all the file transfer, I use the data wire connection to my laptop, which is fast and stable in Windows 10.

For the watch faces, of course… Clockskin, is my current standard. Be careful to use the Watchmaker .watch files for your skins as some can drain easily and quickly your battery.

It takes about 2 days of normal daily use after which I have to recharge the empty battery.

Sadly, I cannot find a spare or extra charging connection for this Optimus watch at Banggood or Amazon from Europe. The used charger seems to be quite unique. I would have like to see one permanent charger at my desk at home and another one for taking with me on my travels…

Check for a firmware update.
Mine is working just fine.

I just got the Kospet Optimus Pro. When I connected it to my laptop for data transfer the watch wasn’t detected. How d i enable data transfer using USB on the phone.

Connect your watch to your Laptop. Goto settings on your watch, connections, USB, data transfer.

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I have had trouble getting the drivers to install on my PC but I found a good alternative.

If you have a wifi network you can install Solid Explorer on the watch, share some folders on the PC and then browse them over wifi with Solid Explorer.

No need for a cable connection for file transfer.

Yes, FX Explorer and Astro Explorer are also great alternatives.

Hi guys Dan here from the Philippines and had my 1st ever smart watch, that was shipped last Thurs from Banggood. Am a bit bored with current watchfaces installed as well as the wiiwatch app that I am trying to figure it out how to transfer files from it?

Wish someone could help regarding the app as well as finding some good watchfaces to download.

Salamat (Thank you) :star::star::star::star:

Kospet OptimusPro

Hi . Here is our video on how to install watch faces

All the faces you will need are here on our forum . Dont forget there a few faces you can also download from the wiiwatch II app

Hi Tim just seen your tutorial video but the volume us too soft I cant follow. Besides wiiwatxh 2 app is not responding…