Kingwair kc10 smartwatch

Hi. Is there a way I do not want to use the square screen I just want the display to be complete on the round screen.

Press and hold the power button. Then tap on the upper circle.

I’m aware of this way of working. That’s why I’m tired of it. And I want to sell the watch.

This watch made me sick and got a nervous problem. But I used to have a square watch that did not have these touch problems

I think selling your watch is an excellent idea. I very much welcome this project. :+1:


For example, the Ecsta Vivo watch has a comfortable design screen, or the 4-dimensional Lempho engine is easily engineered.

Let me know when the time comes. I will be happy to help you find a suitable forum for this watch.


I sometimes get a nervous problem reading these posts :flushed:


For convenience and easy answering of calls, I bought the latest model of King Wear watch, but because of this watch, I got a handache and was very annoyed, even my eyes became weak, because one of the problems is the watch keyboard. Even installing the keyboard app did not solve this problem.

Currently, I have both King Wear watches available. I think watches like xtuoch or z gipax or Samsung gee s lack software design because these watches are better than King Weir in terms of durability and water resistance and software. Are

Hi. My watch is red. Does anyone know what the problem is? Kc09

bad video card driver or connection ?

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Hi. This watch kw06 hangs a lot. Does anyone know what to do? Can the software be upgraded?

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