I've just uninstalled the freeware version of Floating Toucher because it drained my D5 battery

I’ve just uninstalled the freeware version of Floating Toucher because it drained my D5 battery from 100% to 20% in 7.5 hours… my watch was not on my wrist, not connected to BT or Wi-Fi and I only have three other apps loaded: stopwatch, calculator and MessagEase… found this interesting article (from April 2015) at http://www.zdnet.com/article/here-is-why-apps-drain-your-iphone-android-battery/

Struggling to get a full day of battery life out of your smartphone? It could be because of those pesky “free” ads, according to new research.
Although putting ads in phone and tablet apps may allow developers to off apps for free and make a few bucks in between, the researchers warn of the other “hidden” costs, including using up more mobile data and more device memory.
A new study by University of Southern California, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Queen’s University in Canada, found that free apps that contain advertisements can use as much as 33 percent more battery power than apps without.
Because the ads have to be downloaded, that adds to the cost of owning a device. On average, free apps with ads use as much as 79 percent more network data, which over time piles up the pennies. And once those apps are opened, the ads cause the device to churn up additional processing power and memory.
Those things in combination can lower the battery life from 2.5 hours to 2.1 hours on average per day.
“In absolute terms, this is very low, but in the crowded and competitive world of apps it’s a huge difference,” said William Halfond, who co-authored the report. “It can make the difference between your app getting downloaded or going unnoticed.”
The research will be formally presented at the International Conference on Software Engineering in Italy next month.

Here’s my results. Running on the D5 with lots of stuff installed, WiFi running but not BT. Started Floating Toucher at 8:30 AM, turned screen off with FT still on screen by pressing side button. Eight hours later, pressed side button. FT still floating as it was. Battery showing through behind FT screen from watch face indicates 95% remaining. Have pressed button to turn off screen again and will check in a few more hours.

Any chance you can replicate your test Andrew with no other changes than FT being removed? I’m getting great results. Could there be something else going on perhaps?

I am using the paid option, so no ads are streaming or connection attempted to try and push them to FT. That could be a difference.

All watches set to Loki’s Imperium Data Center watch face. All have FT loaded and floating over watch face. All full brightness. All full volume all channels.
All have any running apps cleared from bottom panel. All have wrist flip active but not used. All have screen off. All had Floating Launcher 3 activated then closed.
D5 test in process - only watch face changed after 10.5 hours.

D5 after 10.5 hours 90%
X1 after 0.0 hours 100%
X5 after 0.0 hours 100%

Morning results… 100% charge at 02:30… and still 100% charge at 07:40… (after FT removed)…

@SmartWatch_Ticks [I had posted this in another thread so have copied it across to here]

I don’t know how significant this would be but I purposely left FT open (with the panel display over my new hn-a face) to see how it fared… the idea being that if all went well I would design some faces that looked neater around the FT panel…

I was using the free version of FT… and I know that there were lots of ads - even video clips popped up… I’m wondering if one of the paid versions (99c for ad removal, I think) would be less power hungry…

Interesting… one free version and one paid version :slight_smile:

Second morning results… 100% charge at 02:30… 100% charge at 07:40… 94% charge at 09:20… (after free version FT removed)…

Watches checked by flipping wrist motion and noting battery level on Loki’s Data Center watch face (it’s in upper right and not blocked by Floating Toucher):

D5 after 14.5 hours 88%
X1 after 4.0 hours 100%
X5 after 4.0 hours 100%

BTW, got Swipe Home Button running on all of them as well, and use swipe up motion to activate Floating Launcher 3. WiFi is active and connects to home router on all watches when they are in use (which I’m not doing for these tests, only checking time/battery).

A small test group but significant results so far… I’m leaning towards the ad’s being the culprit…

Got the same Floating Toucher since 2 months. Watch connected to - WiFi from time to time to transfer data via Share it and Bluetooth connected to my car audio (1h a day). Average battery life - 6 days…
Andrew - what ads are you talking about?

@Piotr_Blazewicz Hi Piotr… WOW, I can’t get 6 days of battery life - even if I don’t touch my watch :slight_smile:

I installed FT directly onto my D5 from Google Play… it is (was) the free version, so is supported by adverts… there are many more positive reviews but here are a couple (from GP) that relate to adverts and battery drain…

Derek Wade, 26 March 2016 - Ads. Ads! ADS! AND MORE ADS! Ads when you activate. Ads while it’s running. Ads when you try to use functions. Ads when you close functions. Jesus H. Christ so many ads! It’s impossible to even learn to use. Uninstalled after three minutes.

Jaydeep Thube, 5 January 2016 - Abnormal battery drain Uses up 10-15% of the battery juice. For the functionality that it offers, this amount of battery drain is definitely not justified. I’ve waited update after update hoping this issue gets resolved but it’s still the same.

Lunchtime results… 89% charge at 014:45 (after free version FT removed)…

D5 after 20.5 hours 82%
X1 after 10.0 hours 90%
X5 after 10.0 hours 100%

What rom /ver are you guys using . My battary lasts abut 4 to 5 houers and even thats when im buesy and dont have time to play with it ( with every thing im going true with my d5 im thinking ro get me a cuckoo watch )

17:00 and 87%…

@momi_az1 160310 - 4.4.2

Thanks andrew

D5 after 22.5 hours 81%
X1 after 12.0 hours 87%
X5 after 12.0 hours 94%

D5 after 25.0 hours 79%
X1 after 14.5 hours 85%
X5 after 14.5 hours 89%

Forgot to mention that Mobizen Mirror is running in the background on all watches. Not that it’s doing anything, but it is running and if I try and connect to any of them from http://mobizen.com on the web, they’ll wake up and connect.

I also have App Cache Cleaner running in the background and cleaning cache automatically every 6 minutes.

These watches are loaded. I’m really happy with the results so far. I’ll push the X1 and X5 to 24 hours to compare with the D5. Loosing only 20% in 24 hours for the D5 considering everything loaded, running, and active when the watch is on is great. Now these watches are being ‘touched’ only when tested, and only to look at the screen for the 3 seconds they light up. I’m not actively wearing them and racking up steps in the step counter. I’ll do all that after each watch has 24 hours on them under these static conditions.

22:40 and 78%… it’s holding up well… :slight_smile: