I've just received 3 IQI I2 Smartwatches,

I’ve just received 3 IQI I2 Smartwatches, 1 however has a black screen but is clearly lit up and makes the noises on boot-up the other two seem fine.

If I hold the button in long enough I occasionally see the screen with the circle as shown at the start of this video clip.

Can anybody suggest a resolution?

Is there a way of hard resetting them I noticed a small pin hole on the side where the button is?

See video link demonstrating the problem.

Take the back of and make sure all the little ribbon cable are plugged in properly.

Thanks for posting here, @Paul_Lonsdale . You should get much better help than I can give you over on YouTube. I’m pretty sure that little hole is the microphone, so don’t stick anything in there, OK? Best advice is what @john_gully gave you. I’m not sure if you can disconnect the battery easily on this watch as I haven’t spent much time with the back off, but if you can, try and disconnect for a little while, then reconnect and boot up again. Let the community know, then wait for the moderators to jump in and help you. Best of luck!

Yes you will see the battery ribbon under the back as well ,wouldn’t hurt to disconnect for a few minutes before turning back on , may reset it for you.

Yes - agree with john.
I have informed IQI and sent your video to them.
Let’s see what they say…

I have very carefully removed the back of the watch all the cables seemed to be securely seated. It wasn’t obvious to me which cable connected to the battery and which side I would have to disconnect.

I love the watch just a shame I can’t get this one to fire up.

My wife and son are happy with theirs although my son has an iPhone and the Sinwear app doesn’t seem to want to connect from his iPhone to his watch. Any suggestions?

The following link has a better description of the problem and shows I can get the opening bootup screen to display if I hold the button for a prolonged period you can hear the Android boot up music and screen is lit but dark. I hope this helps to diagnose the problem… https://goo.gl/photos/MUX29LAeKv3J2PPp6

Do you have the firmware to flash via spflash tool as that is what I think will fix it especially if you do see the full screen light up.

@Paul_Lonsdale I just messed around with my I2 trying to fix a data connect issue. I found that the batter connector is real easy to find. Holding the watch so you see the four brass charging strips that line up with the posts in the cover, just look to the left side and you’ll see a small connector. Lift it up with a small screwdriver or toothpick. It should pop out easily. You’ll see three connectors underneath. This is the battery connection. You can try pushing the button and nothing should happen. Just press down and it will put the connector back. You don’t need to screw in the back to test out the watch. Just press the button and see what happens. If it still doesn’t come up, try disconnecting the battery with the watch on, wait awhile, and reconnect. Then try powering up again. Any luck?

Thanks for the advice. I have done two tests removing the battery connection 1st leaving it disconnected for 2 minutes and then subsequently 10 minutes but this does not change the watches behaviour.

I believe John may be onto something as given my PC knowledge it’s almost like the boot strap loader isn’t working or the OS needs reinstalling.

That said the phone does play the little jingle associated with the Android OS starting but now display although the screen is clearly lit.

I haven’t used SP Flash Tool before and I don’t know where to obtain the correct firmware.

I have downloaded SP Flash Tool from http://spflashtool.com/ and installed version 5.1524.00 I have downloaded the MediaTek USB VCOM drivers but not applied them yet and I don’t know where to get the Scatter file from or what to do next.

Any help would be appreciated.



Here’s an overview video to give you familiarity with the flashing process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS55s0OMmao
I think the process is the same or similar for the I2 as it is for the round Android 4.4 watches, but confirm with @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 for sure.

give me some time and I will upload the official flashtool and firmware - unless you already have it?

Very interested to hear how it goes and which version of firmware works for you @Paul_Lonsdale . I’m pretty sure I need to flash as well – if I can – no connectivity watch to computer.

Sorry guys - I just realised that I posted in wrong section. Please look in the I2 firmware section

Thanks I’ll watch the video on the flashing process and wait to hear back from Pablo.

Where do I get the correct firmware from?

Look in the I2 firmware section here in the community.

@Paul_Lonsdale ​ how did you go , did it come back to life.

OK. So I watched the video obtained the firmware from the I2 firmware section. Installed the drivers on a Windows 10 x64 machine performing the steps for negating the driver signatures. Removed the drivers from Device Manager leaving the installed drivers on the PC. Fired up SP Flash Tool as Administrator, selected the Scatter File made sure download was showing. Removed the watch back disconnected the battery. Replaced the watch back. Hit download on the SP Flash Tool. Connected the Watch in it’s cradle to the PC via a USB cable. Unlike the example video there was no signs of the watch registering on the PC and the download starting.

I repeated all the steps again with another Windows 10 machine. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Windows 7 or older machine.

Is there a way of confirming the drivers are healthy as if I connect one of my two functioning I2 watches it shows charger connected. Would it show the watch as a USB drive, is that how on other watches you copy Clock skins?

Whilst I wait a reply I will try and locate an older PC (not Windows 10) to repeat the test.

I am happy to do an online meeting with http://join.me if that would help diagnose the problem and use a webcam and screen share?

Try doing it with out removing the drivers, just reboot the computer, is either one being picked up? Also it could take a minute or so for anything to happen once plugged in.

@Paul_Lonsdale let me know if it’s still a problem