Is this a Scam?

I wondering how this company on Aliexpress can sell the Kospet Prime 2 for $99.00 when shipped from the US. Aliexpress Item
What is the catch?

Sounds to good to be true!

@Tiggo, seems very strange to me.
The shipping cost (as it appears on my computer) is quite a bit more when shipped from China compared to the total cost of the item when shipped from the US which is considerably less.

Perhaps contact the AlieExpress store themselves and ask for some clarification.

I have purchased a few things from AlieExpress without too much hassle so far. (touch wood) … I took the time to go through some of this particular sellers feedback (as well as the obvious ones I translated a few of them from Russian and Spanish, Italian etc … and it appears quite a few buyers were not too happy).

I wouldn’t buy from this seller personally.


Tried to visit the store selling this, The page won’t load!

The lowest price is only for United States delivery…

It does sound too good to be true. I tried contacting them and all I got was “Yes dear it is happening”. Was just hoping someone had a similar experience and understood more about how this could be a scam or not. Thanks for the replies.

Looks like the same seller is also selling the Ticris Max watch for about $73 which is super low also.

I purchased the Ticwris Max S from them to test it out. It was supposed to ship from the US but the USPS tracking number they submitted after 3 days hasn’t updated in 2 weeks. They respond with, “Please wait Dear it is in transit”. Obviously from China NOT the US. I’ll be curious to see what arrives if ever. Probably a charging cable…lol.

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I suspect you won’t get anything. Often such offers are about collecting credit card data and PayPal accounts.

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@Tiggo Mate, I don’t know if it is a scam or not…but I love the conversations your having with them! “Yes Dear it is happening” & “Please wait Dear it is in transit” :rofl: With their command of English, as you said, it is obviously from China…but they sure are polite…and affectionate! :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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You are right @Doonsbury. It seems to be a dialogue from an adult movie…:rofl:


Same seller there has a nice set of earphones I’d like however the description at the top of the picture says and I quote: “It is doomed from the headset off the suspect out of the field parameter missing” They definitely lost me on that one :smile:

Yea…chicka chicka bow bow …lol

Yeah it all gets rather hilarious in the interpretations but I do find Chinese very nice to deal with most of the time. There are some scams out of China but Aliexpress is fairly good at covering things and if you use PayPal with two factor authentication I doubt they’ll be hacking your account. I was a bit disappointed when PayPal quit using the PayPal key I had since 2000 - surprisingly it was still working until they switched over to text messaging for the two factor authentication just a couple years ago but it is still very hard to beat that system. And PayPal will cover you in most cases where there is fraud or nothing arrives. Credit cards are well covered to and I don’t believe at Aliexpress the seller actually gets to see the credit card - it is only the company itself who sees it. I’m guessing if they have given a valid USPS tracking number they have paid some postage so you’ll likely get something - maybe like this :wink: finger.trap

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Paypal also uses Google Authentication at least it was offered with my account. It is similar to the key.

Well…the tracking number from USPS was delivered to an address in Washington State. I live in Alabama. So…I’ve opened up a Dispute. This is the item from Aliexpress I purchased. It was supposedly $79.00 if shipped from the US. So at this point I’m positive this is a SCAM. I would not buy anything from Grace942 store on Aliexpress.

Check status now…

This song springs to mind…


For anyone who ordered - I asked Kospet if anyone ordered and paid - what will happen

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So this is somewhat reassuring

So far the Store is ignoring my “Dispute”. There are 3 days left for them to respond. I did send them a message informing them it supposedly was delivered to the wrong address and this was their response “Dear, I’m very sorry, I’ll check the location of the package first” , I said “Yes, that would be nice”. No response in 2 days :frowning: lol