Is this a Scam?

I’m sorry but I have no idea.
All I can say is that Kospet told me that if it is wrong they (Aliexpress) would deal with it.

It is certainly nothing to do with Kospet and they did not put that page up.
It is from an independent seller.

Aliexpress hosts thousands of different sellers somewhat like Amazon or eBay. If the seller doesn’t take care of the situation you can deal directly with Aliexpress - probably by escalating the dispute but you may have to wait a little while. Save your proof of delivery to the wrong address. I’d do a print screen or save the delivery notice as a PDF so you can upload it to Aliexpress if needed.

I believe with AlieExpress you need to submit a “dispute” for this type of thing or alternatively you can use the “goods not received” process which is a link that appears at bottom right of your own account page when you click on “My Orders”. :smile:

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I received a full refund. Not sure why the store places these items for sale at such low prices and then refunds the money 30 days later after you file a dispute. What is the benefit for them? Are they hoping the person will forget about buying the item? Plus, now I can leave a review which will not be good.


Yeah I’ve wondered that too and suspect it is somewhat a ‘free short term loan’ scenario.