Is the International FAW firmware stable ? Kospet Optimus 2

Hello, I have always been excited about the “FAW” firmware for Kospet Optimus 2 watch, even though I have not tried it out yet, but I am planning to install it soon,

before I install it, I want to make sure that it is stable,
so has anyone used the International FAW firmware on Kospet Optimus 2?
Can you pleas share your review of it especially by comparison with the built in firmware?
Pros and cons , thanks

The FAW firmware is stable, no worries. Everything works fine apart from the step counter app that doesn’t reset at the end of the day. All Google apps can be installed and work ok. I installed it a few months ago, I would not revert to the original firmware. According to my experience, you can safely install it.


Trust me . It wouldnt be available if it wasnt stable


So, the missing features below are all available on FAW firmware Kospet Optimus 2?

1: Tap to light up screen
2: Disable steps counter or all other health sports functions,

all your questions are already answered in detail, you just have to take some time and read through the firmware thread.
This is exactly the reason why we decided to only provide the download link from trustlevel 2: It gives new members time to read up on the topic.

And about questions 3-6: How should I answer a question that you didn’t ask???


Sorry to bring up this old thread but I got Kospet Optimus 2 and it does not allow to use banking apps in it as attempt to install such software says device is rooted and unsecure. Is there a secure /non-rooted version of firmware available for Flash ?

Hi . Read this

I have answered your firmware question in another thread


Can you please share the link to download Kospat Optimus 2 international firmware ? Google Contact sync doesnt yet work in 1.8 ver.

You’ll find it in the download section.

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Sorry could not find it. can you help with a direct link please ? this is for Kospet Optimus 2 4GB/128GB

BTW, I owned LEM11 and LEM T earlier and had been a active member. pls help

I dont have access to this link. Requested couple of days ago. Can you please help with an alternate link please. Though of flashing FAW on my OPTIMUS 2 this week end.

There’s no alternate link (And shouldn’t be), you should wait for Pablo to allow your mail to download it. Make sure you just used the same mail from the forums to ask for permission, otherwise he won’t be able to know who requested download

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ok then waiting for his blessings…

Still did not get access to google drive to download faw rc1 firmware for kospet optimus 2. Can someone please help here ?

@pablo11 is the one who manages access. I don’t feel like constantly switching between multiple G-drives. If it takes a while, he’s very busy right now. Please make sure that you request access using the same email that you used to log in here. This is the only way we can check whether you have the necessary trust level. This is the case with you.
Please be patient, we do this in our free time and we all have very time-intensive jobs and families.

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thank you so much for the response. I was just eager to get my device working better so was wondering if there is an alternative way. otherwise I have all due respect for each of you for the great work being done here…I shall wait…

FYI, I am very unwell at the moment.
I also have a problem with the 18 or so requests that I have had from you using this account.

I don’t like this kind of almost anonymous account usage.
Usually it looks like this, for example

Usually I do not respond to private messages either.
I tried to be helpful to you and give you advice, but you also did not understand what I said.
The firmware you keep asking for is full selinux enabled and has a locked boot image. OEM unlock is completely disabled.

If you want to patch a boot image then you should use stock firmware.
It is insecure and you can patch the boot image without issue.
We don’t talk about root and related processes here.
There are other forums for that.

So, if you can wait until I am feeling better, then you can request access to the stock version 1.7 and flash it.
Then you can OEM unlock and patch the boot image if you want.

So, no more personal messages and no more requests for firmware at the moment. Our help here is voluntary. It’s not like we get paid to put up with this.
Sorry to sound so blunt, but I am very unwell.


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thanks for the response. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Please take care.

have you got the access @Bahubali ?