Interactive Watchface for Stock Launcher

… just because it’s you… :grinning:
… and it’s Chrismas…

here you are Dotsfar.

Prime Dim

The sound recorder is


I still could not make the world turn counterclockwise in 24h motion in stock launcher (there must be something wrong with the Chinese code ;-))…
…so I simply flipped the world around and let it turn clockwise…

Ahh, and yes, the background changes at times…

Yepiiiii :heart:
Thank you :grin:
Looks very nice.

MORE MORE MORE DIGITAL Interactive Watchfaces for Stock Launcher !!!

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Good job :+1::+1::+1::+1:

@Odin, just want to let you know how much I enjoy this watch face. Multiple times a day I look at it and like it, and the way it changes it’s look through the day makes it really a joy.
I will now try with array 100 and see if I can get it to launch Watch Droid :slight_smile:

Have a look at the .xml file in this face :+1:

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Thanks Andy,

I already used the package name app and modified the xml and loaded the watch face, all good :slight_smile:

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Great stuff . You are now a pro :wink:

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My new favorite watch face!
Although, I’m still trying to work out what the colored ring around the very edge represents.
Thanks again Odin

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Hey Flynneth.
The ring is just a 24h indicator.
I thought a bit more colour would be nice.
If we had access to sunset and sunrise time via another arraytype, the red colour would mark the daylight hours.
The shadow on the earth map is tuned to average monthly sunset and sunrise times in Berlin.

@Odin, the visor in the 24h ring seems to be in a different timezone. Can we adjust this in the XML ? E.g. now 20:00 it is 4 on the 24h

Thank you @Odin for this great face :+1::+1::+1:

…in fact 0.00 is at the bottom (6 o’clock), thus 20.00 is at 4 o’clock…

Example. It is 8 in the morning, and 24h display shows 16:00.

What’s worse is that the indicator plates for heartrate (behind the date) and steps (behind the month) do not seem to work properly on the prime…
There should be no blue plate behind the day at 72bpm…
… and there should not be deep plain black behind the month

Oh, shit.
Every indicator is at the wrong place actually…
Obviously, the prime uses a different setting…
mh, you will have to subtract 200 from the centerx value at backdate, monthback and battery.

…and calories and distance also do not work…

Are you running the Eric’s UL?

At 70 it’s blue, up to 120 it’s green, 130 orang, 140 red (sadly I couldn’t help it being orange and red at 40 and 50, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

The dateback turns brown at 4000 steps, then blue, green and gold at 20000

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I’m not trying to think at all, I’m just reading the number 16 which the visor in the left small 24h circle points to at 08:00. Please elaborate how different I must think ? Shall I read a different number than the visor points to or imagine that the visor points to somewhere else ? Btw, it looks like the visor reverts backwards. At 10:00 the small 24h visor points to 14.

… and what’s that talk about 3d?
Everything in this face has a shadow and a 3d brim :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ahh, now I got you :rofl:
You mean the worldtime complication…
Sorry, I thought you mean the blue and red ring around the bezel, because you were referring to Flynneth’s question and calling it a “ring”…

Greeeaaaat! The Prime understands my commands and turns it counterclockwise :pray:
The Optimus ignores my reverse commands for 24h rotates. Thus I have flipped the Worldaround and it turnes clockwise in my watch.
Hang on, I will send you an image to replace the false world…