Info about Launcher for kospet prime 2

Hello, as the title suggests, I would like to know if there is a Launcher for the kospet prime 2, such as the Universal Launcher, in order to load clock skin images. Thanks for your help

No, the universal launcher is still the only one.

Thanks for the reply, but can I install it on my prime 2, is it compatible or risk breaking my prime 2?

Of course you can. I have installed it on prime 2 and it’s working fine.

Just use the latest 3.4.5 version

Hi thanks, I download it directly from the play store? … To try to make skins, is WatchFaceDesigner 0.7.1 okay, or can you try something better?
Guys thanks for the help

it’s here :

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Forgive me, but I found this launcher on the play store, this is the link,, I don’t know if it’s original, or where it comes from , but I thought you can also get it from there. Thanks

No, the playstore is not updated anymore !

ok thanks, where can i find your launcher

i gave you the link in my last post…