IMPORTANT NOTICE - KW88 connectivity as it is of today - might change !!

IMPORTANT NOTICE - KW88 connectivity as it is of today - might change !!

The watch can only connect for 3g on 900mhz and 2000 - 2100mhz.

Unfortunately that leaves everyone - except Europe with no 3G data.

We are working with King Wear to try to rectify this oversight in their advertising and expectations for the customer.

I have to say though - at this point the 2G data connection is stable and does not drop out like the previous X series we are all familiar with.

Also the GSM signal holds up consistently so there are no missed calls and texts like the previously mentioned watch series.

Any updates to the 3G connectivity issue will be posted as information becomes available.

Wifi signal appears stronger too.

@C_For That’s always good :slight_smile:
Do you know if the WiFi MAC stays fixed (permanent?)

Won’t know how to even check. Let me know and I will test.

Check your watches IP. Write it down.
Turn WiFi off and check IP - it should be the same.
Second way is to enable WiFi and go to setting - about on the watch.
Note MAC address. Turn WiFi off then on again and make sure the MAC address is the same as before.

Yeah MAC is the same @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

@C_For even more good news. Thanks :slight_smile:

850/2100 band will be ready on this 25th
850/1900/2100 will be ready after first mass production. coming soon!!

@Zoe_Chan Do the current produced models also support 850/1900/2100? Or is this a hardware update?

currently do not support these three bands. different main board.

So the model I have now will not support 1900 band? @Zoe_Chan

@Zoe_Chan please talk to the team members Zoe.

@C_For Sorry Calvin, at this moment we are unsure of the next steps involved and Zoe should have discussed this with us before posting. We will keep you informed of what is coming next.

@C_For you have no need for 1900 as you are using 2100/2000 band in UK right?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 yes in the uk but I do travel quite a bit. Hoping I’ll get coverage when abroad.

Unless you buy a new watch that will not happen unfortunately.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Fortunately all Indonesia operator has 3G in 2100 Band.

Well, that’s nice :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I think I’ll manage but not overly impressed that they have made changes to the hardware literally days after launching the product! @Zoe_Chan Will you be offering a replacement service for anyone that has purchased or discount off a second purchase for those wishing to have the new hardware?

if someone search this info : 3g is full fonctional in France.