If there are no custom clockface apps for the KW88 (and 5.1 friends),

If there are no custom clockface apps for the KW88 (and 5.1 friends), you have to build them yourself.

Continuing on my method to have a stand alone watchface app on any custom launcher, I’ve started building my own framework for custom watchfaces.

In the video below, you can see that on power, the clockface comes on. Pressing power again, returns to the default desktop page of the selected Launcher.
Double tapping the desktop returns to the watchface.

Interesting things about the watchface:
Double second hands (left and right propellers)
In the bottom in the LCD the day-name (abr.) day and month (abr) are shown (with shadow!!!)

There’s is no noticeable lag on the watch.
Power consumption has to be tested at a later date. The script is not optimized yet and very sloppy 1th draft.

The app needs Tasker support to start @ display=ON
Also the app has no Tasker API. I’m looking into that.

Here’s the apk to download and test on your watch.
Currently it’s build for KW88 in mind, because of it’s 400x400 display.
I need to install it on my IQI I2 to see what happens if the watch has a lower resolution and what I will do to auto-detect this. (which is possible)

Looking forward to your comment!

APK link: (APK removed due to copyright infringement)

Al things said; with this app it’s possible to quickly convert any android Wear watchface. It does support multiple watch-screens and menu’s (later)
I could also build an option that multiple watchfaces can be integrated.
My next first implementation will be night/daymode watchface automation.

Found how I can import Tasker data. That opens up a lot of possibilities!

Hi Kenneth. Am that impressed with your support for the KW88 that am on the verge of buying one. One quick question though that you may know and might that open up a load of Watchfaces…Amir posted 5 Tag Watchfaces that were modded to APK’s from MOTO360 Zip files. Do you know if this means that ALL MOTO360 Watchfaces are compatible with the KW88 ? If so …there’s LOADS. Regards !

@Paul_Durham The problem with these APK watchface “add-ons” is that only the hour, minute and second had work. Date is not supported. Also the center of the hands needs to be in the middle.
That’s too limiting to me. I’ve never installed one of these watchfaces for that reason.
Also I wanted to install mu own Launcher and not be confined with the limited WatchLauncher, which also has no support.
The new method I’m introducing has none of these limitations. There will be a few but I’ve just started to experiment.
Stepcounter and heart-rate are still unavailable due to needing ROOT.

Go buy the watch, it’s one of the best around.

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@Kenneth_Tan can you provide tasker xml and I will test on my K9 and see if can get the date working.

Also, what launcher are you using?

@Kenneth_Tan Quote - “Go buy the watch, it’s one of the best around.”…
I feel that the build quality of the plastic backed watches is VERY poor… :frowning:

@Paul_Durham As Kenneth mentioned the apk method is limited to centered 3 hands and don’t how any other info like date, battery level and etc. Basically, I take a working apk, unpack it, replace the images with the one extracted from the MOTO360 zip files and pack it again. That is all. So answer to your question is yes, pretty much any watch face that the images can be extracted and has its 3 hands in the center can be converted to apk to be installed on KW88 using this simple method.

Thanks for your effort. Looks very nice on the KW88. The only thing is that the watch (face) runs 2 hours behind. However I have not installed Tasker perhaps this necessary?

To all, I’ve discovered there’s a calculation problem in the hour hand. I will fix this. Maybe I was a bit eager to inform you :slight_smile:

The APK file in the desciption has been updated.
( Corrected hour hand APK: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnsZnYqBwc-EgYMzfeB9nOIrj_6SKA )

Day and night version is 90% done. There’s a little bug due too my inexperience with the programming structure. (But it’s working, the clock switches to nightface @18:00 hours and back to day @06:00 hours)

Tested this APK on IQI I2 and it works perfect! So I guess it should work on ANY Android smartwatch

@Glenn_Brown Tasker is easy:
Create Profile - > Event - > display - >ON
Create task associated with this Profile: Launch App - > Clockface app.

If you use Novalauncher:
Gestures -> Double tap -> Clockface app.


@Anton_Gales Hour problem is resolved, install new APK

@Andrew_Davis That is correct, unfortunatly the backplate and front bezel break.
I’ve been offered to sell parts for the EU and other regions.
So verry soon you’ll be able to order spare parts from me for a reasonable price. All parts of the KW88 are available.

I’m not going to get rich from this. It’ll be a service for watch ‘campanions’. I’m going to set up a list with prices soon.

There will also be a repair service for watchbands, battery, sensors, switches and pcb. I’m receiving a broken KW88 to check if I can remove the Amoled with my heater.

@Anton_Gales You need Tasker if you want the watchface to be the first thing you see if you power on the watch.
Tasker looks at the “display On” event and fires up the watchface.
So if you want to take my aproach you need to spend some cash for tasker. But it’s worth every penny/eurocent.
You’ll need it for so many thinggs more in the future.

@Kenneth_Tan is nova launcher the only FULL launcher you can use with these watches?
And I meant, if you send me your project xml in email, I will import to my tasker and try to correct date issue ?

@Glenn_Brown you can use any Launcher you like.
Nova Launcher is my preferred Launcher.
What date problem are you talking about?
I’m on the road so it’s hard for me to extract XML from the watch now. (Also never done that before)
Can’t you just click those two options I described?

Zeblaze blitz works

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