I want to find a face like this

I want to find a face like this :

Which buddy can provide some information, thx.

Where did you find this ? It has Lemfo Lem10 icons on face

Seen from the buyer’s show photo on the shopping site, I think it is actually LEM10.

This is then very likely a Lemfo face ( although not on mine ) . We dont not allow copys of manufacturers faces on this forum . We do not copy theirs and they do not copy ours . Thankyou


This brand is called “TANGKE”, although the appearance of the product is very similar to LEMFO LEM10, but they seem to be really two brands. I think they both have the same OEM foundry

With another photo of the brand, we can see that the default skin is slightly different from LEM10.
So I think the skin which i post should be the buyer o download from any place.

this watch face come with the watch,can someone make one for the UL and we need more watch faces, please.
Xiaomi Mi watch its coming in square design, like apple watch and Lemfo Lem10

Why not try yourself with WFD to make clocksins . There are tons of into on this forum on how to do it . I would even be happy to send you a template of one i made for you to alter to get you started


It can with my watch flash the special version 0.8 and no more, I believe my watch it’s from Domino wear and this face it can with stock launcher. Can someone make it, don’t have the skills . Thanks

Every single one of us started with no skills …


sorry late reply but your request have two errors, @karma :

  1. It’s not a square face, it’s a rectangular face
  2. You must post requests in the request subsections. This should be moved to the right location :wink:

Lastly, now that I gotten this out of my chest I can breathe again xD

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In fact, we don’t have any square faces. The most of them are retangular.
But for an exact subdivision we should distinguish between landscape and portrait.


I thought about that too :slight_smile: lol

I still don’t have any…

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What is WFD? Is it possible to make custom watch faces?

Have you used the search tool ?

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