I need someone with a LEMT/Ticwris Max "D" variant

I am pretty sure Iscle has it already

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Yep, I got the information I needed already :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hello dear friends. I am new here and my english is not good. I have a LEMFO LEMT DM100 clock and would like to install the TICWRIS software. I have never installed a watch with software before and therefore have no previous experience.

1.) What do I need? Which software for a Windows 10 PC and which tools do I need?

The data on my watch are:

Model: LEMT
Android V .: 7.1.1
Build number: DM100_LEMT_V2.0_20200713

I thank you in advance.

Hey, when I could download Android 10 on Lemfo Lem T?
Sorry for my English. I am use translate

This won’t happen. Sorry.

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Why not can download android 10 on lemfo lem t?

Oh, of course you can download it and install it on your watch.
However, your watch will not longer work afterwards…
A different chip is built into the A10 watches. therefore the A10 software is not compatible with A7 watches.


Yes @G1NT0N1C is correct.

@Pixie your watch is using a completely different CPU and ram etc and you will brick your device if you try to flash A10 FW on it.

We cannot provide A10 Firmware for devices that are not included by the solution provider.

How about the 10?

When will this Android 10 be out because I’m annoyed with this Smartwach and would like to try a new android one. Is there any Beta version?

There has been no Android 10 version of this model on the market yet.
If it does get released then we will let you know.
It was being considered but since the global silicon chip crisis and so many factories shut down - I have no idea if it will ever happen.

Personally I prefer the Android 7.1.1 version on this watch because it is possible to root it etc…

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Hi, I bought my 2nd LemT with buildno. DM100_LEMT_V1.0_20210114DW. Is there Ticwris Max flash firmware for this watch?